“Dancing wind” painting by Rob Gonsalves

Just before midnight played its Symphony

Knocked a Princess’s bedroom window, a blue Nightingale.

Melted her body so shy in its night gown like golden honey

Till the Nightingale set his tender tune, setting shyness on sail,

And a journey on a starless sky deck began

Where honey beneath dancing snow lit the dim Moon

That lit stars and ordered breeze to form his Princess’s fan

To get the honor of her dance, he sewed the night to a suit of an elegant tycoon.

Midnight’s Symphony, the start of a royal ball, declared

Where no drinks were served, yet drunk went everything:

The ears from the tenderest ever divine rhythm heard,

The eyes from the twinkling star destined to make her Majesty’s ring,

And the senses from the cloud burning her feather in to incense.

Everything seemed to happily serve harmony along the Two

But the jealous Sun with the crawling dawn sent the Moon his death sentence.

Glimpsing at him withering over his deathbed, scared she flew

Back to her room; broken-hearted, bleeding eyes bowed to pray

Their Hymns tore Sun’s merciless heart that grew pale and pale

But the Princess’s neither raised nor shined that day

Until the desired Prince knocked her window again with his gentle hail…

Falling Gold

Preparing my suitcase
Tears rolling down my face
Left me Sun a golden trace
So Sorrow with thanks I may replace…

Special thanks To Celeste blogging as http://celestealluvial.wordpress.com/ for the second award within the same forty eight hours…
The first one was Versatile Blogger that I preferred not boring you again with its details, and now Sunshine Award.

Celeste‘s tender deepness blooms in every thought she writes, and so her blog I’d advise you visit to taste uniqueness in rhythm and rhyme.

As all awards,the Sunshine Award has its rules summarized as follows:

  • Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog
  • Answer 10 questions about yourself
  • Nominate 10-12 other fabulous bloggers
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Now Questions & Answers

Favorite colors:                                 black and blue
Favorite animal:                                 Dolphin
Favorite number:                               One
Favorite non-alcoholic drink:           mmm….Coffee:)
Prefer Facebook or Twitter?           Both are waste of time but i pick Facebook
My passion:                                       Other than poetry; Space
Prefer getting or giving presents:  My taste’s pretty hard, I only enjoy                                                            unwrapping gifts just as kids:)
Favorite pattern:                               Blues Joining my favorite music and color
Favorite day of the week:                Saturday…first day off work:)
Favorite flower:                                Jasmine and Lotus

And now the nominees are and in no particular order:

1.  http://cenicitas.com/
2. http://donnawelchphotography.wordpress.com/
3.  http://willofheart.wordpress.com/
4.  http://jadedstone11.wordpress.com/
5.  http://ladybluerose.wordpress.com/
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7.  http://grandfathersky.wordpress.com/
8. http://makebelieveboutique.wordpress.com/
9.  http://subhanzein.wordpress.com/
10. http://patcegan.wordpress.com/

Enjoy the sunshine

Executed Pleasures

“Graceful Splendor” painting by Rob Hefferan

Like an alien expelled with no destiny to follow

Under a tree in the heart of desert, sat an wept

Generous tears ran in to veins and there slept

Stirring passion through its old trunk that’s no more hollow

To immortal silence, presented her voice, Mother Earth

That whispered to pain: ” the Volcano inside should cool down

Patience through pain presents a Slave, a crown….”

Her tender stirred life, and for the weeping beat gave a new birth

The same beat that has never lost a Dancing Prize

Now even the never-learnt first steps, masters no more

Like mid-ocean born swells live struggling to reach a shore

Sacrificing each moment’s joy to reach faster the land of Wise

If stumbled over luck through Blue, reach in centuries, Gold

To find a land where meet executed pleasures

Not even a trace of the ever desired holy Treasures

Couldn’t exhaust them centuries, yet moments left them so Old

Disappointment presented a disappointing Deathbed

And so their story is written between Nowhere and Nowhere

And even the story in time dies, written Nowhere

Dreams, Dreamers to Fortunes wed, yet here brought Death instead!!!


The Almighty

“Water” Painting by Jia Lu

Have your own Gods and leave me choose mine

Mine’s the gold of a sunshine

Mine’s a storm invading the infinite

Mine’s a monk meditating all night

Mine’s a cloud guarding the above

Mine’s a couple fallen in true love

Mine’s a raindrop holding life’s essence

Mine’s a beggar sharing few crumbs and being generous

Have your own Gods and leave me choose mine

Mine’s the gold of a sunshine

Mine’s a mountain facing years

Mine’s an orphan sunk in tears

Mine’s a valley after rain; wet

Mine’s a farmer sowing lands with his sweat

Mine’s a rock standing ages

Mine’s a patient still praying in late cancer stages

Oh Have your Gods and leave me choose mine

Mine’s the gold of a sunshine

Mine’s a spring in bloom

Mine’s a widow paying thanksgiving in her doom

Mine’s a tree purifying air

Mine’s a child in a wheelchair

Mine’s a plant in bud

Mine’s a soldier out of blood

Just have your Gods and leave me choose mine

Mine’s the gold of a sunshine

 Mine’s got galaxies in his name to preach

Mine’s got no book but love to reach

Mine’s is everywhere; no need to search

Mine’s lives in no mosque, in no church

Mine’s not the one you need to be a priest to cherish

Mine’s universal; not a Buddhist, Muslim, Christian or Jewish

Wicked Nun

Wakes up dawn

Joining a Lady sipping coffee alone

Black’s her drink against early light

But not black enough against her lashes’ night

She’s a devoted nun;

To whom bows a proud sun…

Exhausted she looks staying all night up

Knitting thoughts she failed to stop

Her imagination drew emotions her life’s missing;

He showered her body with hot kissing

His Lashes swept every corner of her yard

Until her breath went so hard

“Heaven’s Song” painting by Jia Lu

And soon she trembled wet;

Bitter tasted her sweat

She bathed and bathed for hours

Washing sins in holy flowers

Scared she was to death

To have him again sucking her breath

Surrendering to her thoughts,

She was on board of Lucifer’s boats

Pondering about right and wrong

And the chaste life she lived so long

Exhausted she sank to her knees

Begging her Lord with a million Please

For she felt a wicked nun;

To whom with admiration will look none…


Raped Glory


And they taught us seasons are four!

Millennia kissed “The Soul”

Birthed and aging in fall

With each tick, her fall falls once more

“Journey Along the Edge of Earth” painting by Vladimir Kush

Falling; falling goes the rain

Till eyes of heaven are left dry

For the sun; yearns a crowded sky

That promised a visit, yet keeps missing her train


Gambling winds blow; blow

Clocks sleep deep, and snore

Still ticks make no universe to explore

And only birth hearts of snow

Running and hiding, and where to hide?

Shelters of circling confusion!

Wisdom at the feet of illusion…

And Jesters still call it a pride!


Striving to keep her glory

Jesters raping her grace

Uprooting eyes from her face…

That’s Universal Knowledge, and this is how she foretells her story

Sleepless Star

It’s 5 a.m and I’m waiting the last star to go to sleep…
I’m not lonely; Eric Clapton’s here evoking my deep…

Oh I should check my inbox, I said, and there I found a gift, yet sent by no star, sent by a talented Author whom I send special thanks to as I recommend visiting his page by following the following link: http://gjscobie.wordpress.com/

Thanks again for nominating me for “Versatile Blogger” award;

You’ll find the rules below; maybe you’ll find talking about yourself complicated though It was my favorite part

1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers.
2. Inform the bloggers of their nomination.
3. Share 7 random things about yourself.
4. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award pic on your blog post.

Now Me in Seven:

  •  Can’t live with no wine
  •  Insomniac 
  • Dancing & Diving are Letter D-Hobbies
  •  My music’s that of 60s & 70s
  •  Seductive black’s my favorite color
  • Tender Poison by Christian Dior’s my perfume
  • & I love every single detail of me

Let’s keep it to this extent 🙂

Finally it’s my turn to pass the award & I’d like to pass it to the following bloggers:

1. http://greatpoetrymhf.wordpress.com/
2. http://cenicitas.com/
3. http://fromscott.wordpress.com/

4. http://donnawelchphotography.wordpress.com/
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12. http://photosbymartina.wordpress.com/

13. http://piazzadcara.wordpress.com/
14. http://haphazardlinkages.wordpress.com/
15. http://fromagoraphobiatozen.wordpress.com/

Cheers for extra miles 

Sunset Splendor

I was a child, and I had a dream

It dipped my nights in cream;

“The Allure” painting by Michael & Inessa Garmash

Contemplating sunset at the bay, joins me a handsome knight

Stopping breath from the first sight

I’m in blue dress, and he in black suit

Against his voice, silence, keeps a flute

We sit and chat till threads of gold sink down…

And I’m awake to sun’s glittering crown

Every night I waited a new session

Till it became an obsession

Until one sunset in a sweet September

Couldn’t I resist its splendor,

Sat out a walk to the shore;

The magic drawn over there, I couldn’t ignore,

And I sat contemplating nature’s art

Hours ran with the beats of my heart…

He whispered, “Hello” in tender tone

Shaking grounds of my throne

Wearing blue jeans and shirtless;

His bronze wide front made me restless

Asking no permission, by me he sat

Saying, “hide no night”, he took off my hat

Time stopped, and to my dream I’m back;

I’ve seen this face and heard that track

Hard I tried to hide my eyes,

For I couldn’t raise my fallen skies

He got up hiding the purple horizon

Saying slowly,” You’ve got no reason;

Let’s go for walk;

We’ve never finished our talk…

I was sure I’ll find you some day

Just here contemplating the bay

Dressing blue sea

One look stealing me

You’ve haunted my dreams since I was seven

But you, I worshipped no heaven…”

Speechless I was to his speech,

Closed eyes, I sank myself in his beach

When I opened again, everything was gone;

And I was in my room watching a setting sun…

German Sun

German Sun yet shines like ours
Warming buds frozen at morn early hours…

Well to be frank, I never knew such an award exists till this morning;
There was a post on my wall from Kind Mary Helen Ferris
blogging as  http://greatpoetrymhf.wordpress.com/ that has clearly explained the rules, yet I still feel like I’m not doing it the right way…So below you’ll find the rules untouched.

Special Thanks to Mary for nominating me to Leibster Blog Award..
I do recommend visiting her page if you want to tour the world

Leibster is German & means ‘dearest’ or ‘beloved’ but it can also mean ‘favourite’ & the idea of the Leibster award is to bring attention to blogs with less than 200 followers all in the spirit of gathering more connections; the rules are simple:
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  4. Bask in the love from the most supportive people on the blogsphere – other bloggers.
  5. And best of all – have fun and spread the karma.

Finally in turn I would like to pass this award to:

1. http://cenicitas.com/ (for twinkling thoughts)
2. http://fromscott.wordpress.com/ (for evergreen passion)
3. http://photosbymartina.wordpress.com/ (for Creative Photography)
4. http://wanderingmirages.wordpress.com/ (for parts & parcels)

Thanks again for the sweet morning gift, and enjoy sweet night dear bloggers.

Precious Tears

They speak of you

I seal eyes in glue

So none sees you there

And how much I still care

I seal the eyes scared of storms about to blow;

Loosing chains I chain my tears with once they grow

For I promised once never to set any free

Scared I am of how it’ll be;

Aging on its way down

On lips waits for her death crown

“Tears falling as Rain” painting by Denton Lund

No tear will die

I’ll never give up; I’ll say no goodbye

My tears are precious

Though for you they were suspicious

You left; they stayed

Beats in between strayed

They’re all I could preserve from your memory

I know they’ll live beyond my century

You wanted me over “Black’s white” to sign

I wanted to steal for you the sunshine

I gifted you a holy flower

You pushed me from the highest tower

You planted fears over years

Watered wounds and reaped tears

I fell in you and couldn’t after stop;

Your venom in my veins till the last drop