Rotten Passion

Like snakes fully poisoned hissing,

Blew a feeling of rotten missing

Suffocating the bitter breeze, flew me to the seaside;

To catch sun’s face withering with each tide

Soon got sick of ticking;

Swells, Pebbles and Sand were, silence, licking

Till broke tranquility a ringing phone;

Oh it’s mine and his was the ringing tone

After years, I thought!!!

Even the furthest memories float;

“February Apple” painting by Piere Marcel

Wanted time to stop so I can stop by few,

But I’ve learnt long ago that wishes never come true

So I answered; wish I never did

His passion for the first time wasn’t hid

And he said “sorry” before “Hi”

“On eyes stood a dark cover, but you’re my………..”

Wait a second dear, don’t you dare in front of me to burst

Your masked voice calmed an aging thirst,

Yet woke your passion too late

Years ago it would have changed my fate

I told you upon kissing goodbye, never come to me dying;

I meant it then as I knew you’ll crawl back one day crying

Even if I’d preserved you world’s passion, over years it would fade away

Show no regret please; just beyond my horizons sail away.

I’ve sinned one day to think of you,

And I’ve sinned for years later preserving a memory of you,

But I’m back to sanity now, and I’m Pure

Goodbye now before I start pitying you; the very thing can’t I endure




4 thoughts on “Rotten Passion

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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