Perfumed Lips

He in 60s, and she’s a teen

His future in her eyes he’d seen

He loved the eyes, lips and hair texture

As she stepped in to his Tuesday lecture

She used to arrive ten minutes late

The whole class should wait

She dresses her silk body in black lace

And speaks in a violin bass

She ambles like a queen

Dazzling is her every scene

Even a Man in 90s wouldn’t feel old

Oh she beams like a blooming Marigold

He in 60s, and she’s a teen

His future in her eyes he’d seen

“Autumn Architechure” painting by Rob Gonsalves

He wedded her to success

And called her Empress

For she dominated his mind

Till he became a blind…

Until graduation night

He wrapped what stole his sight

And wrapped his hidden beats along

He drove to her mansion, and the way seemed long

Gorgeous she looked in white silk

She was a woman of unique ilk

She passed smiles as she moved in seducing steps

A lone rose blooming in his steppes

“It’s great you’ve made it, I thought you’ll shrink

You’ll share two of my smiles today; let’s have a drink

Alain proposed, and I couldn’t resist”

Her perfumed lips sprayed a venomous mist

The spell she casted left him wordless

He grabbed her hand and danced breathless

Wishing to pass away in her bosom

Where his dreams will be eternal in blossom

But Alain came distracting his peace

His dream was over, she was flying Greece

He in 60s and she’s a teen

His dreams in her eyes he’d seen

Several years did stray

Losing bets of a possibility to stay

Still in tears, he looks to that gift he did bring

His dreams dim, yet still shines that ring

He’s in 90s, and she’s no more a teen

His dreams only in her eyes he’d seen




27 thoughts on “Perfumed Lips

      • he, he 🙂
        no, just the older man – younger woman thing…
        i find that a little creepy…
        i mean I know attraction and passion is not based on rules
        just that I have read so much of BS about it, that I always feel someone is being manipulated…
        that’s why uncomfotable.

          • or maybe you’re just a human… who behaves like one 🙂
            we shouldn’t blame ourselves just cause we can’t relate to you…
            there is a joke, okay
            please don’t misunderstand… 🙂

            it is like a quote…
            it goes “Just because no one understand’s you doesn’t mean you’re an artist.”

            you get me? 🙂 he, he… but that’s a joke, okay.
            i know, i feel like i am from somewhere else also most of the time
            i am very anti-social also :-)… only when it comes to writing…
            i go on and on and on 🙂

            but yes, I have stopped thinking that it’s something wrong with me…
            let it be something wrong with everyone else 🙂

            • hahaha…but you felt you’re wrong because you’re different;
              the case here is totally different; I’m proud to be an alien&I don’t blame any for they don’t relate to me because if they do then I’ll lose that crown of uniqueness:)

          • yes, i genuinely tried today
            but you are too poetic
            the language distracts me sometimes
            so I forget the meaning
            and every line starts to mean different things
            that’s why I still ask for some…

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"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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