Forgotten Scent

Pumping life left my heart

From the end I’ve to start

Even fate gets out of hand

When hopes build castles of sand

How’s a sandy castle as wind blows!

Just a sand spot under different toes

Turns a spring to an immortal fall,

So the sun can’t buy its soul

“A Whisper in Reflection” painting by Rob Hafferan

She’s my friend; sounds unfair

I saw your eyes closed upon kissing her

Please dip in honey no word

I’m already sick of the many lies I’ve heard

Your amulet no more charms

Oh go back to her arms

Go back to her; enjoy another sunset

Now her scent on your shirt, you can forget

Go back to her and fear no more coming back late

You ain’t be coming, and I ain’t be there to wait

Go back to her and say you’re free

Drink some wine and celebrate breaking up with me

Make her love, and caress her chin

Say: “You’re beautiful” when she draws a grin

Go back to her; she bought for you a new nightgown

I convinced her of red, for you hate brown

Go back to her; please tell her to call me not,

Can’t I teach her more my heart to cut…


13 thoughts on “Forgotten Scent

  1. What I love most about your writing is..It quickly makes me imagine.And I think that’s the best thing one can do to make another IMAGINe..DREAM!! 🙂

    I’m your new follower. I’ll be visiting you often!! 🙂

  2. after reading this, I was wondering…
    do you write the first draft in another language and then translate 🙂

    some of the sentences would sound more poetic in some other dialect I find…

    • That’s funny; actually I speak many tongues but English comes first moreover I use no draft; even when I tried drafting at earlier stages; I failed because when it came to writing the final form, it used to become another one..:(

      • See I knew you must know many languages
        So, at least I’m partially right
        Because they say that we think in the language we speak
        So, yours may be mixed 😛 just saying…

        But these are good as they are.
        Who needs drafts?
        Politicians 😛
        cause they have to keep editing their thoughts.

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"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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