Le Soir de L’amour

No soothing air flows

No moon rises as well

Sadly invades the night

Nothing seems right

Perhaps angels casting spell

Perhaps Mother Nature altering its laws

It’s valentine’s;
” Le soir de l’amour “

I’m celebrating tonight

Scares me no angel of death

Nor inescapable doom

I’m hiding in my room

Hiding whiskey on my breath,

And drinking till the first morning light

“Stilletto” painting by Carrie Graber

It’s valentine’s;
” Le soir de l’amour ” 

Tonight I’ll drink for no more lies

For a start of golden-hue

I’ll dance till the beat stops

Just few more cups

I’ll drink to you

Maybe then forever you’d leave my skies

It’s valentine’s;
” Le soir de l’amour “

Tonight I’m celebrating alone

With no tasteless champagne

No poisonous rose

And Jazz playing no pause

I’m swaying with the rain

Celebrating Valentine’s on my own

Oh it’s valentine’s; 
” La journée d’amour “

And who says; ” no sun shines over a broken-hearted paramour “!!


24 thoughts on “Le Soir de L’amour

    • Oh I wish to change the name of “Valentine’s”
      so it’ll be instead “Love on sale” with a slogan written in bold letters; saying:
      “Come & buy a piece; it’s almost 100% discounted”

  1. Alone on a night when love runs free,
    Leaves a heart full of misery,
    But there are those who share the pain,
    and dance like you in the rain.

    Your poem is well written and full of emotion. Thanks.

  2. This is a very nice poem….. I think it is important, sometimes, to spend important holidays with only just ourselves. Especially during eventful changes in our lives…. I got that image from your words. There’s a new beginning. And it starts with just you. That is so important i think.

    While reading your poem it reminded me of my teen years, when I decided to expand my horizons by moving to Europe, away from family and lifelong friends. Every holiday that came along I pondered this very subject, over and over. I missed my family and my loved ones, I mean that’s what holidays were, they were about spending them with people that you love. And though I spent those holidays with colleagues and friends I had met over there, who incidentally for the most part I don’t remember them and I’m sure they don’t remember me, but the thing that I learned, the piece of knowledge that I garnered from that is that I am an important person too. I deserve to celebrate happiness, even if only for myself. And eventually; especially for myself! So I put a Christmas tree up even though I was completely alone except for colleagues who had to be in my life because we worked together. I wasn’t celebrating Christmas for them, I was celebrating for me! And each time I walked by that tree and caught a glimpse of its’ shining tinsel, or smelled its’ fresh pine scent wafting through the room, well, I could see the memories of my mother putting her glass ornaments from her native country on the tree each year, or dad unraveling his special tree-topping Angel from the wadding and packaging he had so gingerly placed it in the year before. Or my brother and sisters shaking the packages under the tree, or watching the old Lionel train go round and round its’ base.

    So I spent a few holidays alone. And they were incredibly special too, because they taught me that I am special. So I think it’s important for all of us to spend a holiday or two alone with just ourselves. Anyway, that’s what your poem made me think of. Thank you……

    • Oh how sweet…I’m pleased to see a painful night i spent is bringing such sweet moments for everyone…enjoy your holidays & hope not all you spend alone; it’s such a blessing to be surrounded by loved ones…
      Thanks for stopping by

    • Thanks for the comment & i do know, but it’ll break the internal rhythm in both cases which is the last thing i wanna do & any way there’s a rule that says:
      ” a poet has rights that none has”:)

  3. I had been honored to obtain a call coming from a friend as he observed the important points shared in your site. Going through your blog post is a real wonderful experience. Thanks again for considering readers much like me, and I desire for you the best of success as being a professional in this field.

  4. Valentine’s day is like Christmas
    All well and good, but we could do without it if we were really devoted to what they are celebrating 🙂

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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