Sunset Splendor

I was a child, and I had a dream

It dipped my nights in cream;

“The Allure” painting by Michael & Inessa Garmash

Contemplating sunset at the bay, joins me a handsome knight

Stopping breath from the first sight

I’m in blue dress, and he in black suit

Against his voice, silence, keeps a flute

We sit and chat till threads of gold sink down…

And I’m awake to sun’s glittering crown

Every night I waited a new session

Till it became an obsession

Until one sunset in a sweet September

Couldn’t I resist its splendor,

Sat out a walk to the shore;

The magic drawn over there, I couldn’t ignore,

And I sat contemplating nature’s art

Hours ran with the beats of my heart…

He whispered, “Hello” in tender tone

Shaking grounds of my throne

Wearing blue jeans and shirtless;

His bronze wide front made me restless

Asking no permission, by me he sat

Saying, “hide no night”, he took off my hat

Time stopped, and to my dream I’m back;

I’ve seen this face and heard that track

Hard I tried to hide my eyes,

For I couldn’t raise my fallen skies

He got up hiding the purple horizon

Saying slowly,” You’ve got no reason;

Let’s go for walk;

We’ve never finished our talk…

I was sure I’ll find you some day

Just here contemplating the bay

Dressing blue sea

One look stealing me

You’ve haunted my dreams since I was seven

But you, I worshipped no heaven…”

Speechless I was to his speech,

Closed eyes, I sank myself in his beach

When I opened again, everything was gone;

And I was in my room watching a setting sun…


30 thoughts on “Sunset Splendor

  1. Wonderfully penned. I particularly liked the ‘threads of gold’ reference. Beautiful.

    Thank you for discovering me because it gave me the opportunity of discovering you. I look forward to your writings.

    • Oh Nandita….
      1st : thanks…
      2nd : Life’s nothing but a day of dream & another of a nightmare
      & If your Knight’s bringing you nightmares, Send him to hell; your such an angel (K)

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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