Raped Glory


And they taught us seasons are four!

Millennia kissed “The Soul”

Birthed and aging in fall

With each tick, her fall falls once more

“Journey Along the Edge of Earth” painting by Vladimir Kush

Falling; falling goes the rain

Till eyes of heaven are left dry

For the sun; yearns a crowded sky

That promised a visit, yet keeps missing her train


Gambling winds blow; blow

Clocks sleep deep, and snore

Still ticks make no universe to explore

And only birth hearts of snow

Running and hiding, and where to hide?

Shelters of circling confusion!

Wisdom at the feet of illusion…

And Jesters still call it a pride!


Striving to keep her glory

Jesters raping her grace

Uprooting eyes from her face…

That’s Universal Knowledge, and this is how she foretells her story


52 thoughts on “Raped Glory

  1. I really liked falling into the flow with your words..
    Beautifully illustrated of what is coming …
    Thank you for sharing it is really beautiful in its

    Take care…
    You Matter….

  2. Again I’m hooked with this one…portrays an image of nature and our thoughts….
    could be a lyric for a metal song…words just sing aloud….:)

  3. yes, but we need a voice, right….?…ideate this song of John Lennon (Imagine) playing….he did what he wanted to convey….:)

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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