Wicked Nun

Wakes up dawn

Joining a Lady sipping coffee alone

Black’s her drink against early light

But not black enough against her lashes’ night

She’s a devoted nun;

To whom bows a proud sun…

Exhausted she looks staying all night up

Knitting thoughts she failed to stop

Her imagination drew emotions her life’s missing;

He showered her body with hot kissing

His Lashes swept every corner of her yard

Until her breath went so hard

“Heaven’s Song” painting by Jia Lu

And soon she trembled wet;

Bitter tasted her sweat

She bathed and bathed for hours

Washing sins in holy flowers

Scared she was to death

To have him again sucking her breath

Surrendering to her thoughts,

She was on board of Lucifer’s boats

Pondering about right and wrong

And the chaste life she lived so long

Exhausted she sank to her knees

Begging her Lord with a million Please

For she felt a wicked nun;

To whom with admiration will look none…



35 thoughts on “Wicked Nun

  1. Gosh this is so scintillating and steamy and quite an urgent and harrowing situation you create here for this character eh? Reads like a poem, absorbed like a short story. I can just picture it.

    Love it, quite stylish!


        • i mean no offence dear but you explained it in a weird way specially when you mentioned “western….”;
          all was meant through it; is that unfortunately true knowledge is being erased day after day by those who think they’re philosophers when they’re only jesters…the last line i think solves the mystery of the whole poem…
          again I’m glad to see your comment even if it holds a different point; “from others we learn” & I’m sure there’s a lot to learn from you.

  2. I’ve just had aperuse through some of your work and have really enjoyed it! Fantastic, thought provoking pieces. Thank you for viewing my posts as well and thank you so much for the follow. I am honoured. Looking forward to seeing more from you!

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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