“Dancing wind” painting by Rob Gonsalves

Just before midnight played its Symphony

Knocked a Princess’s bedroom window, a blue Nightingale.

Melted her body so shy in its night gown like golden honey

Till the Nightingale set his tender tune, setting shyness on sail,

And a journey on a starless sky deck began

Where honey beneath dancing snow lit the dim Moon

That lit stars and ordered breeze to form his Princess’s fan

To get the honor of her dance, he sewed the night to a suit of an elegant tycoon.

Midnight’s Symphony, the start of a royal ball, declared

Where no drinks were served, yet drunk went everything:

The ears from the tenderest ever divine rhythm heard,

The eyes from the twinkling star destined to make her Majesty’s ring,

And the senses from the cloud burning her feather in to incense.

Everything seemed to happily serve harmony along the Two

But the jealous Sun with the crawling dawn sent the Moon his death sentence.

Glimpsing at him withering over his deathbed, scared she flew

Back to her room; broken-hearted, bleeding eyes bowed to pray

Their Hymns tore Sun’s merciless heart that grew pale and pale

But the Princess’s neither raised nor shined that day

Until the desired Prince knocked her window again with his gentle hail…

22 thoughts on “Harmony

    • Can you deny that everything special occurs with the moon! every romance; every dream & every celebration..
      that’s what drives the sun jealous; she gives him a part of her light but he steals all the hearts leaving her no precious company…
      but I’m a night lover any way
      oh thanks for the comment dear

  1. Here it goes :
    The Nightingale at Midnight – Dreams unspoken, lost but not forgotten.
    The Princess – The self within – hidden but nourished.
    Midnight’s Symphony – The elegant struggle between the real world and it’s perception.

    Wonderful , elegant and convincing !

  2. freaking A!
    this is real poetry, Mira…
    So nicely you have used the words 🙂
    i like…
    my fave line – “Where honey beneath dancing snow lit the dim Moon”

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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