Love Language

Here’s a real story stealing breath

A story of love, madness and death

Where a cute lady meets the man of her dreams

Flows love between the two like January streams

In front of hundreds down his knees, he preferred to be

Heard the church him asking her: ” Would you marry me?”

Holy bells witnessed the “yes” in her promise

Love just doubled as she received her first kiss

“Lost & Found” painting by Charles Pilkey

Their first night, months later, brought a boy

Left him nothing his father but his own name: Roy

Like devils acted fate in taking away his Father

But mercy couldn’t escape its heart, so it kept him an angel Mother

Roy’s Mom had never seen through his childhood the sun

Working and working was everything she has done

In thanking her, Roy has his own special way

“Why don’t you die”, was all he used to pray

His wishes were to come true, but this wasn’t in her hand

So Roy found no other way but leaving his home land

He left home, and soon she left the world leaving a letter

Not even a single tear, he shed, for he felt much better

“I’m sorry Child, for I was a constant embarrassment to you…

I’m sorry, for you couldn’t be there when I truly needed you…

When you were few months old, you lost through an accident your eye

I gave you mine, and I was proud to see you seeing the world through my eye

Never did I feel sorry, for I’d given you the most precious thing I ever had

Sorry’s yours now, for you killed me thousand times and never felt bad…”

Blessed Coffin

Down a prison of tears with loads of pain chained

Nothing but the darkness of fears, nothing in nothing remained

Memories bleed…wither beds of roses

No more does life proceed when dies faith in Moses

And mine’s got its final judgment: Execution

Stabbed on March was never an illusion

“Sleeping Beauty” painting by Thomas Ralph Spence

What’s harder than death is naked-living dead

Execute his beats from my depth, erase his touch from my red

Let the heart master its own beat

Let the steps master their own feet

Erase me like silliness from wisdom

Send me back a princess to my kingdom

Steal my life then, but now forbid my suicide

Come back to me Lord, sleep deep inside

So like a bride in pride, I walk to my last sleep

And in peace to immortal peace I’ll be wed, and you stay in deep

Out of your kingdom, golden castles are nothing but ashes

Blow in me then blow me like ashes

Dress me a coffin then in Devil’s grave ask me to lie

Me beneath your blessed coffin will live, and the Devil will die…


Hands or eyes shook first!

Can’t I recall, but looks never watered any thirst

Lips tasted silence, but not the eyes

All what I knew, wasn’t a surprise

His everything since birth I did adore

He’s the knight dream I kept looking for

“Insieme” painting by Tomasz Rut

A million time I wished sinking in his dark sea

And more than a million between his lips I wished to be

Every time my dream reaches his hold

Sadly wakes up the soul, but never was cold

Never did I think of a lovely Day

When fate, a treasure, furnishes my way

Till some day the dream was no more a dream

Wake me up…just Scream…

what’s going on? Is it true?

I don’t care…I’m with you

And I’ve been waiting for so many years

I’ve been bleeding lots of tears

Hold me tight…hold me now and never let go

Leave your lips play from head to toe

Don’t say a word…don’t ever scream…

Leave me dreaming till forever comes if it’s just a dream…


Beauty and the Beast

Down a burning sky

Stand: the Tall, Beautiful and the Shy

In bright colors, looking great

Excited each to get a date

But a date with a fluttering knight

Ends up when dies sun light

Almost don’t come winds as dream ships

And that’s true between kisses and lips

“Lilith” painting by John Collier

Smiles may turn in to tears

For one moment may blow up what’s built over years

One moment reach feelings the peak

No more minds master, everything’s gone weak

A man’s born from a child

Beauty’s the prey as he gets wild

No more roses glitter

Although butterflies still flutter

All may ask, and they should know

Where does beauty go!

” Beauty did dig its own grave,

When, innocence, for free it gave”

All roses sensitivity reflect

Few sensitive, you may select

Because not gold everything glitters; never doubt

That’s what life all about

Life’s a story of Beauty and the Beast

And what means beauty without a beast!


Deceiving Shades

Kills before birth, every hope, every dream

Blows down castles no matter how strong do they seem

Puts beauty in to an eternal sleep

Chains happiness in nowhere, so deep

Sets free non-stopping tears everywhere

Kisses immortal fears here and there.

Like devils spelling curse after curse,

Like tornadoes kissing everything in to worse,

Like floods creating everywhere a great mess,

Like ghosts playing, by hearts, chess.

“Companion; Loneliness” painting by Val Jean

Silence in a scream, Darkness at noon

Draught in a stream, poison in a spoon

Graves for warm blood, for pumping hearts

Dead endings but no starts.

Loneliness is the very hero of such a real play,  

Loneliness is what turns flesh in to clay.

It’s hidden in every place… In no place.

It’s not life without a kiss, without an embrace,

Loneliness is getting lost indoors;

It’s feeling alone with friends outdoors.

Loneliness is the taste of life when it fades

It’s simply the company of Deceiving Shades…



Blooms the Rain

Empty is the seat;
Broken is the beat;
Generous is this early Spring
Not only with the tears it did bring
But with love stirring even cold blood
Awards… Oh… just another flood…

First I’d Like to show my appreciation for for presenting me
The Very Inspiring Blogger Award
And before moving to it’s rules I’d like to grab the opportunity to advise you visit her blog.

Also I’d like to thank Generous Steph blogging as for 
Versatile Blogger Award which is the third so I Wouldn’t disturb you with its rules.

Now About The Very Inspiring Blog Award; the rules are easy and summarized as follows:

  • Showing appreciation to the sender; ( Thanks again:) )
  • Revealing seven facts about yourself; ( mmm…. )
  • Passing the award to seven other bloggers.  ( wish it was more than seven:( )

Now Me in seven:

  • I was born on 1-1; the whole world celebrates my birthday:)
  • Nothing can cease my melancholy except shopping;
    “shop till you drop, and if Dad says stop; just call a cop” 
  • I’m a vegetarian; Nature-hugger in all means.
  • I love collecting shells; weird stones and odd roots.
  • I fear Thunder; still run to Mum’s bed through stormy nights:$
  • I hate Winter unless it’s a cheese&wine night by the Chimney.
  • & I believe in life on other planets; the vast universe isn’t created for us only.

Finally I’d like to pass both of these awards to the following blogs:

Let’s start our week with lots of love
Your heart; the key for the heaven above 

Shadowy Spot

Declared mid-night, night’s ticking arm,

For a Vampire to start his race

Along with a Moon whom surfing skies has exhausted,

Yet still grabbing an ancient Charm;

Believed it was Stolen from a Goddess’s face

To a Tomb that Legends describe as haunted,

“Circe Invidiosa” painting by J.W. Waterhouse

For Stars have burnt over their immortal Incense,

And for a fond lover of darkness to spread wings

Along with the same Moon over a path of shadows.

Tracking Stars to a spot dyed in innocence,

For no Man ever has spoiled its springs.

Rang the echo of her beats the furthest hollows,

Till got ceased by a striking scene;

Not a single trace of her own shadow was there.

Have Nature’s Mirrors forgotten having it drawn!

Or simply blind Brushes, not even its shade  had seen!

Shivered the Spirit, and set a search of Sherlock Holme’s care,

To the deepest hollows and darkest corners:
inspecting eyes were thrown

Yet detected no clue through the crowded nothingness.

No more Oak’s towering trunks stretch arms to the sky

Nothing’s quite the same as if senses have lost sense

Beauty hand in hand with peace turned in to wilderness;

No more Sweet williams, woods’ old breeze, glorify

Nothing happily fluttered as it did once

Was it a spot; some Aliens chose to conquer!

Was it a spot; some Wizards played across Black Magic!

Was it a spot; some Ghosts in the woods had cleft!

Was it a spot; some Witches blew vanishing curses over!

Or simply my Melancholy was turning out tragic!

But what about my Shadow! never heard before of Shadows Theft…


March in Flood

March; the month of flowers and butterflies
Perhaps for all, but for me; it’s the month of bleeding skies
Nothing would steal the gloom from my eyes
Yet today’s sun brought me a mood-change surprise


Special thanks to for the generous flood of awards
Three-in-one-award; Sunshine Award, ABC Award and One Lovely Blog Award
Also Thanks to for Sunshine Award
Thanks again for the two talented & I’d advise you visit their awesome blogs.

This time I wouldn’t disturb you with the rules of each award or any other detail, but I’ll take the opportunity to answer those who are wondering about my absence and the gloom conquering my beats recently.

Well It’s March; a bleeding month over years; twelve years exactly…
When a twelve year old girl had The Death King taking off his cape over her own arms; innocently she kissed the falling cape and flew away, and too late it was when she knew the reality…No tear after could bring back any smile as no Whiskey could drink away any pain, and so spring knocks her door in a mourning dress…
No more tiny are the arms ;years pass over the spirit left homeless, and the heart cut is still fresh as if no moment had passed…
That’s March; the same month she used long ago to wait to greet Spring; flutter with butterflies; sing with birds and smile with flowers..

Finally I’d like to pass the award for the following bloggers:

May your March be better than mine
Embraced with an eternal sunshine

Bleeding Eyes

Everything white sailed away

Glittering smiles on innocent lips got broken

Became tears the first language ever spoken

“Escape” painting by Patrick J. Reynolds

When blind lips missed their way one black day

Dear Lord…May I weep;

Over the page you’ve torn out of my heart’s book?

Wondering why it was the perfect one you took;

Bleeding eyes refused to sleep

Neither did the moon rise nor set the sun

Neither could butterflies flutter nor birds fly

How felt a sky when guardians of heaven cry!

And what about me?…Me’s just gone

Dear Lord,You’ve stolen the taste of love

And to death wedded my only heavenly bless

Have you forgotten about me?…please don’t say yes

Don’t you have a place for me above?

Will knock my door, spring, after eleven!

How’ll spring bloom in black,

And tears have carved on a flower’s face a track!

Dear Lord send  me to Hell if this is Heaven

Alphabets Giggle

Perhaps I can’t recall the first time i did wiggle
But never I’ll forget how did the ABC sound with a sweet giggle
Now after I turned 24, I’ve to sing in public my ABC
Sounds crazy, but in Alphabets here’s me….

Before I sing my ABC, I’d like to send special thanks to Talented Steph  blogging as for nominating me for the ABC Award that before I draw its rules, I’ll take the opportunity to advise you roam her blog.

The rules of this award are simple:

  • There is no limit to how many fellow bloggers you pass this on to.
  • Share some things about you, but alphabetically, just a word or two starting with each letter of the alphabet.

Now here’s me in ABC:

A: Alien; simply me
B: Blue Butterflies
C: Chess; my best time
D: Diamond
E: Eric Clapton
F: Flute; my peaceful moments
G: Guitar
H: Harley
I: Inferno
J: Jasmine; heavenly
K: Kites; what I recall from my childhood
L: Lotus; my flower
M: Marxism
N: Neil Diamond
O: Oliver Twist; my first Novel
P: Paulo Coelho
Q: Queer notion of life
R: Rattle Snake; my loveliest creature
S: Saxophone; my first instrument
T: Tender Poison; my perfect perfume
U: Uniqueness is my only game
V: Venice; my dreamland
W: wine wine:)
X: my ex….don’t remind me; he turned my life to hell:)
Y: Yachts steal my passion
Z: Zeus

Now it’s time to pass this lovely award and discover some personalities:

Let’s sing our ABC …