March After March

When courage shivers

Smiles cry rivers

Nothing’s quite the same

After death has come the only game

Children come soon adults

Complements turn to insults

Suns, blue skies, lack

Head of colors changes to black

Fall replaces each coming spring

For dead birds to fly and sing

Wondering about the great song,

Some whispered, ” it leads life long”…

How I wish life dressing me a cocoon

Soon to freely fly seeking the moon

“Helping Hand” painting by Juan Sepulveda

The same moon I’d lost years ago in March

Since then life has become so harsh

To live for, deserves none

After the only one has gone

Leaving a heart Sunk in old diaries

New moments imprisoned by bleeding memories

Seconds get drunk to pass

Green springs come lacking grass

Lips sentence to death each smile

Legs race life but cut no mile

Oh…how I miss over his shoulder to lean

How I miss seeing through his eyes the unseen

Every second increases missing more

Please God, fate, for one second let me ignore…



23 thoughts on “March After March

  1. Some would say we don’t have a photographic memory – I say we all do – this is testament to that, every word a photograph of a place lost in time, not dreaming, living, yet the pain our own creation wanting to keep the flower forever.

  2. ‘How I miss seeing through his eyes the unseen…’
    Beautifully encapsulated.

    Touching thoughts, Mira. I hope you find reason to smile soon!

  3. this post reminds me of not celebrating my special day every march, it is my birth month because of so much pains happened to me in the past, but thanks to God He gave me a reason to smile again and I am wishing you the same Mira… God bless!

  4. and therefore life has to be balanced, as what comes also fades away into the thin air…
    but we can change everything, still I hesitate to say that, “you cannot unravel the roots of love and pain within”

    and you said, “Some scars are like ever-green trees” in the comment thread….now I see a different image of you, and it’s just overpowering.

    • You’re right; I was coward enough not to let the sun drink away the pain, but I was twelve then&if it was in my hand to veil the sun; it wasn’t there after to unveil it:'(

      • and that’s why we have to rise up again; Look at the white jubilant sky, it rains and shines with love….nature has provided us with beauty, so that we can stand still for a moment and experience just that one moment…and like this we evolve through hardships also and clearing off the shore with a clarity of mind, peace of soul and a meditating body. 🙂
        that’s all we need

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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