March in Flood

March; the month of flowers and butterflies
Perhaps for all, but for me; it’s the month of bleeding skies
Nothing would steal the gloom from my eyes
Yet today’s sun brought me a mood-change surprise


Special thanks to for the generous flood of awards
Three-in-one-award; Sunshine Award, ABC Award and One Lovely Blog Award
Also Thanks to for Sunshine Award
Thanks again for the two talented & I’d advise you visit their awesome blogs.

This time I wouldn’t disturb you with the rules of each award or any other detail, but I’ll take the opportunity to answer those who are wondering about my absence and the gloom conquering my beats recently.

Well It’s March; a bleeding month over years; twelve years exactly…
When a twelve year old girl had The Death King taking off his cape over her own arms; innocently she kissed the falling cape and flew away, and too late it was when she knew the reality…No tear after could bring back any smile as no Whiskey could drink away any pain, and so spring knocks her door in a mourning dress…
No more tiny are the arms ;years pass over the spirit left homeless, and the heart cut is still fresh as if no moment had passed…
That’s March; the same month she used long ago to wait to greet Spring; flutter with butterflies; sing with birds and smile with flowers..

Finally I’d like to pass the award for the following bloggers:

May your March be better than mine
Embraced with an eternal sunshine

35 thoughts on “March in Flood

  1. Congrats and I will pass on my award when I make more blogger friends. I never knew interactive writing could be so rewarding and you deserve all the accolades you are receiving aloah

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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