Blooms the Rain

Empty is the seat;
Broken is the beat;
Generous is this early Spring
Not only with the tears it did bring
But with love stirring even cold blood
Awards… Oh… just another flood…

First I’d Like to show my appreciation for for presenting me
The Very Inspiring Blogger Award
And before moving to it’s rules I’d like to grab the opportunity to advise you visit her blog.

Also I’d like to thank Generous Steph blogging as for 
Versatile Blogger Award which is the third so I Wouldn’t disturb you with its rules.

Now About The Very Inspiring Blog Award; the rules are easy and summarized as follows:

  • Showing appreciation to the sender; ( Thanks again:) )
  • Revealing seven facts about yourself; ( mmm…. )
  • Passing the award to seven other bloggers.  ( wish it was more than seven:( )

Now Me in seven:

  • I was born on 1-1; the whole world celebrates my birthday:)
  • Nothing can cease my melancholy except shopping;
    “shop till you drop, and if Dad says stop; just call a cop” 
  • I’m a vegetarian; Nature-hugger in all means.
  • I love collecting shells; weird stones and odd roots.
  • I fear Thunder; still run to Mum’s bed through stormy nights:$
  • I hate Winter unless it’s a cheese&wine night by the Chimney.
  • & I believe in life on other planets; the vast universe isn’t created for us only.

Finally I’d like to pass both of these awards to the following blogs:

Let’s start our week with lots of love
Your heart; the key for the heaven above 

28 thoughts on “Blooms the Rain

  1. Mira- thanks for the recognition, but more importantly thank you for sharing a little more of you heart. My daughter still fears thunder and lightening, I have a book called ‘Playing with Lightening” she would never open, because she felt it would bring storms. There IS life on other planets… Have a blessed week… Peter (gs)
    PS, My spell checker made Mira into Miracle…

    • you know you inspire me not only melt the ice covering my heart…
      &I loved your Spelling-Checker; i was a miracle in Mum’s life; I guess only when I was born because later I’ve changed heaven in to hell:)
      &May the Lord bless you so you’re daughter is blessed by you
      Have good day dear

  2. Congrats, so many blogs to check out. You deserve all the awards. I think all writing begins with poetry. I read a quote that says poets have to say a book full of ideas in a poem. So, poets make the best writers. Writing should be succinct and pure like poetry. So, kudos to those here who feel in words aloha

    • Oh that’s sweet..
      Thanks&you’re right about “a whole book written in one poem”; it’s a life book..
      you’re a good writer as well&i enjoy you’re sway in poetry..God bless you

          • Thank you for that. I’m thinking of writing a new book called “Pretty Ugly”. because when I asked my mother if I was pretty, she would say “you are so pretty,- pretty ugly that is”. I don’t know if I put that in my mirror post but words are so powerful. I never felt pretty after that no matter how many people told me I might be

            • we all have our own weak side but there’ll come a time that we imprison it some where so deep that by time it becomes just a stain of the past…
              Your writing assures that you’re much pretty than you can even imagine…hope one day, you see this through your own mirror that perhaps said once you’re ugly&had enough time after to regret it.

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"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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