Deceiving Shades

Kills before birth, every hope, every dream

Blows down castles no matter how strong do they seem

Puts beauty in to an eternal sleep

Chains happiness in nowhere, so deep

Sets free non-stopping tears everywhere

Kisses immortal fears here and there.

Like devils spelling curse after curse,

Like tornadoes kissing everything in to worse,

Like floods creating everywhere a great mess,

Like ghosts playing, by hearts, chess.

“Companion; Loneliness” painting by Val Jean

Silence in a scream, Darkness at noon

Draught in a stream, poison in a spoon

Graves for warm blood, for pumping hearts

Dead endings but no starts.

Loneliness is the very hero of such a real play, Β 

Loneliness is what turns flesh in to clay.

It’s hidden in every place… In no place.

It’s not life without a kiss, without an embrace,

Loneliness is getting lost indoors;

It’s feeling alone with friends outdoors.

Loneliness is the taste of life when it fades

It’s simply the company of Deceiving Shades…




37 thoughts on “Deceiving Shades

  1. How wonderful.
    You speak to my life in this poem. So much imagery in this poem that makes me want to thank you for your life, your poetry. “Poison in a spoon” My mother used to force feed me. Deceiving shades, is a masterpiece aloha my friend in passion

  2. And I’m thinking when did the rhyming words left me….
    you composed this with such ease, and each word ends layering the truth…”deceiving shades” melts with my heart and the picture of loneliness created by your pen..
    somewhere my life story follows with these…:)

      • that was quick…..and it shows a magnanimous world of words you have in your psyche….would like to travel by your side, someday…..
        and as I continue on, trying to live with every moment, I have to thank you for a good inspiration….and for just this moment, I’m stupefied….:)

        • I’ll dress your wish another meaning because you’re miles ahead of me; so I’d like to have your romanticism dressing a face of me wrinkled earlier than its time…
          The product would make many stupefied; I’m sure..what do you say?

    • It’s healing as long as it’s sipped once in a while; the problem lies at over dozed stages; then even heaven’s peace is shaken:(
      May life take you nowhere close

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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