Hands or eyes shook first!

Can’t I recall, but looks never watered any thirst

Lips tasted silence, but not the eyes

All what I knew, wasn’t a surprise

His everything since birth I did adore

He’s the knight dream I kept looking for

“Insieme” painting by Tomasz Rut

A million time I wished sinking in his dark sea

And more than a million between his lips I wished to be

Every time my dream reaches his hold

Sadly wakes up the soul, but never was cold

Never did I think of a lovely Day

When fate, a treasure, furnishes my way

Till some day the dream was no more a dream

Wake me up…just Scream…

what’s going on? Is it true?

I don’t care…I’m with you

And I’ve been waiting for so many years

I’ve been bleeding lots of tears

Hold me tight…hold me now and never let go

Leave your lips play from head to toe

Don’t say a word…don’t ever scream…

Leave me dreaming till forever comes if it’s just a dream…



26 thoughts on “Scream

    • thanks Pete…
      It just goes back to some time in 2000; excuse my humble Language, but I wrote it when I was just 12& I couldn’t modify it now because I’m no more sure about the feeling I had when I had written it…
      glad to know you loved it

    • O’ Lady M; I’m honored by such a sweet comment fron a great writer like you….thanks dear…&yea; when dreams stop;life beats fade away…:(
      Good weekend

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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