Love Language

Here’s a real story stealing breath

A story of love, madness and death

Where a cute lady meets the man of her dreams

Flows love between the two like January streams

In front of hundreds down his knees, he preferred to be

Heard the church him asking her: ” Would you marry me?”

Holy bells witnessed the “yes” in her promise

Love just doubled as she received her first kiss

“Lost & Found” painting by Charles Pilkey

Their first night, months later, brought a boy

Left him nothing his father but his own name: Roy

Like devils acted fate in taking away his Father

But mercy couldn’t escape its heart, so it kept him an angel Mother

Roy’s Mom had never seen through his childhood the sun

Working and working was everything she has done

In thanking her, Roy has his own special way

“Why don’t you die”, was all he used to pray

His wishes were to come true, but this wasn’t in her hand

So Roy found no other way but leaving his home land

He left home, and soon she left the world leaving a letter

Not even a single tear, he shed, for he felt much better

“I’m sorry Child, for I was a constant embarrassment to you…

I’m sorry, for you couldn’t be there when I truly needed you…

When you were few months old, you lost through an accident your eye

I gave you mine, and I was proud to see you seeing the world through my eye

Never did I feel sorry, for I’d given you the most precious thing I ever had

Sorry’s yours now, for you killed me thousand times and never felt bad…”


21 thoughts on “Love Language

    • O’ thanks…
      Few years ago a friend of mine had sent me an email titled “A Mother of One eye”…Couldn’t hold back my tears then & after few hours found myself writing this; don’t know how it has become a story, but I felt it with the deepest beat….
      Glad to see my oldies loved

  1. Striking verse, Mira. Seeing this vicariously is a stirring experience. Wonderfully encapsulated. Blessed be your mind and hand that give birth to such gems.

  2. Gosh this is so heavy and sad. Not at first though, I thought we were going somewhere else then I got pounded by your powerful lines and plot. Amazing experience reading this here MJ.

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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