a Letter, a Rose and a Ring


Through a heartless night, sailed you away

Acting deaf to the heart begging you stay

Around a year sank to the depth of hell

No news… as if you sank there as well

Till the day I woke up to a knock at my door

No one but a letter, a rose and a ring were left on the floor

No one was knocking then, but still echoes a hard knock

Is it real! is it a dream! or it’s how sounds a shock!

“Nebula” painting by Tomasz Rut

Storms of passion, missing and love in a letter hidden

Few words with blood, so warm, written

“Sorry with love, shall we go back now to the start?”

Their echo reached nowhere, but the depth of heart

Ran tears, wept beats and shivered knees

What a “Sorry” means, and what pain does it cease!

What a “Rose” means, and how many wounds can it cure!

One, five, ten! what about the rest! NO garden can cure!

And what a “Ring” means, and why shall I whisper “YES”

Can it kill the bleeding nights! can it erase all that mess!

Come back…take your things and never show up again, it’s a “goodbye”

Raising up these three has risen an unseen truth to the seventh sky

Thanks; just for this neither for the rose, nor for the ring

And keep this in mind; “Love costs nothing, yet broken; costs everything”



23 thoughts on “a Letter, a Rose and a Ring

  1. Woman, who gives so much, her love, her life, her womb. Man who abandons his home in hopes of finding his India, sets sail and passes her by in his own front yard, and yes, the last line I think is written for the ages … inspired, spoken of and by the heart !

    • O’ GS that’s sweet piece& yea…love costs nothing; if you know how to deal with its fragility, for once it’s broken, it’s no more cost-less
      Your reading is always appreciated…have a good day

  2. every mortal being can remember their beautiful and painful memories….but you here, liberate your memories with such good words, that I do have to drop by and write few words….

    and in between you create magic with these –
    “Their echo reached nowhere, but the depth of heart
    Ran tears, wept beats and shivered knees”

    much love

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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