Doubled Seven

Invited me morning earliest breeze to his warm lap
Over Coffee, there was a gift that I had to unwrap
The greeting said; “you’re like a compress to my sore head”
In front of such sweetness, I found no honeyed thread….”

Special thanks to Ms. Marilyn for awarding me the 7 x 7 Link Award

Ms. Marilyn is a writer whom through her words, you can explore a deep heart…Please don’t miss the opportunity to visit her world:

With that being said, this award requires me to:

  • Reveal seven things about myself that you don’t already know
  • Compile 7 of my favorite links from my blog;
  • Bestow this award upon 7 other bloggers.
So here we go; starting with me:
  •  The first Poem I’ve written was on March 2000 over the deathbed of my
    best friend;
  • I only write when I’m feeling down:(
  • The first Novel I’ve read was Mark Twain’s “Tom Sawyer”;
    I’ll never stop reading as long as I’m breathing; You can say book-holic:)
  •  I don’t raise an eye till the book I’m reading is finished
    &that’s also applicable to a thousand page Novel.
  • I’m Capricorn which means “When I commit myself to something;
    I don’t listen to myself after”
  • I love stars; perhaps that’s why I don’t fall asleep before the last star does.
  • I want to have a tattoo over my vertebral column, yet it’s risky in my case:(
    But I still want it badly.
 My Favorite posts published over wordpress are:
Now It’s time to send love & the 7 nominees are:
Also I would like to thank and for Versatile Blogger Award
advising you to check their awesome blogs
 since it’s the 4th & 5th time, I won’t disturb you with its details….
so feel free to grab it if you’re a reader of mine…
Finally I would like to tell you that I would not be able to inform any of you about the award because I’m facing a problem with my blog since yesterday; my comments are not appearing over any post I comment over, and I’m not receiving any notification…If you’ve faced such a trouble before, I’d appreciate your help..
Thanks in advance
Congratulations  every one…I’m looking forward to discover your sevens:)

35 thoughts on “Doubled Seven

  1. Congratulations Mira. In the short time that I’ve acquainted myself with your blog, your posts come across as both elegant and thought provoking.

    Thank you for sharing this joy with me.

    I found your notification in my spam and ‘rescued’ it. It should be okay from now on, I reckon. I experience the same issues you describe but the none the wiser for it. Perhaps some IT experts in Blogsville can comment.

    All good wishes for the long weekend ahead, Eric 🙂

    • Yea Eric there was a problem,but I’ve contacted someone&now it’s solved…
      Thanks for your kind comment; I do enjoy your thoughts&congrats is our way down here to show a bit of that…same wishes back to you:)

  2. “When I commit myself to something; I don’t listen to myself after”
    I am a Capricorn too and the quote is amazing.

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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