Silenced Silence

Winds of Universe…sprinkle your mirth

Cleanse the misery in which was baptized Earth

Cleanse the doom by whom Life has been kissed!

Every Journey the Heart takes, the Right Path is missed…

In love, fell I and fell first

Never could the Beloved calm a growing thirst

Forever pumped with care that tastes queer

Especially when other beats drew a prior career…

Every time, his breath blew beside,

Profound silence grew refusing to play the seek-and-hide…

“Miranda The Tempest” painting by J.W. Waterhouse

His everything was boldly adorable,

Yet for him seemed ignorable

Ever since remembered, he was near, but absent

Said much the Beat, yet stayed silent

Years dried the most generous eyes

Supposed to be forgotten, till met again our eyes

One thing then couldn’t be denied;

A Heart packing a million beat, turned the tide

Out of sight; set sail countless years;

Sealing my streams; not those of tears

Now out of the blue dropping anchor in my bay

Innocently requesting a long-term stay

His passion-painted words made sense of nonsense

Where was it before, and is its birth now just a pretense!

Can’t lie lips destined to honesty and draw “NO”

Still whenever he sways close, through veins life after life does flow

However sentenced to death before birth; a sighing “YES”

Fails no heart; a Beat, but mine did, I confess…


38 thoughts on “Silenced Silence

  1. mmm… thank you for sharing…

    …been a midnight of solemn, end approaching near
    Where my heart once found joy, now there are tears
    Though the soul knows only optimism, my emotion has fears
    Regardless, I am steady, in a commitment of years…

    ~ Jason

        • What’s now; a grieving beat would never know
          Ticks ticked no more when rivers of pain flow
          Invaded,conquered…to hope’s call, a soul’s answer is always NO:'(

              • For this is what I was hoping
                Truth in feminine wisdom
                A breath in your words of dancing fills my heart in humility…for this I stand…
                Yes and No merge to one and disappear in the divine rhythm of harmony, to which i dance uninhibitedly…

                • In front of honeyed words I lose track
                  Mid way I ain’t turn my back
                  As long as no White turns Black
                  &before my dictionaries go blank
                  Allow me say; You’ve got of gentleness a full tank…

                    • Matters not the way
                      As long as a pure soul, your ship, does sway
                      Through a journey down faith’s bay
                      Heading to the source of light risen with each day
                      There&only there Powers except The Truth,decay…

  2. Beautifu, captivating piece. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and emotions so eloquently. 🙂
    Peace & grace,

  3. Your poem was captivating…I had to read twice
    Beautiful as always MiraJay….
    Thank you for sharing…
    Take Care

  4. Another magnificent title and another captivating end after a story of a heart lost between the poles of its beats
    and my pounding heart can’t be silenced upon reading you

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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