Wrinkled Rainbow

Like never, woke up today’s sun

Proudly floating over dust of blue

From butterflies, soil’s perfume flew

Felt I the world safe, but she had to run

Run; seeking a secret hide some place

Deeper than oceans and seas,

Higher than what Human sees

Leaving behind no single trace

“Candle” painting by Vladimir Kush

Her insecurities are eating her alive

Between smiles and tears stands no border

Everybody’s leaning on her shoulder

To breathe; shall she thrive or strive?

Faith’s leaking out of hands

When, under chains, they’re obliged to sleep

Away, chains of sleepless veins, creep

Till set sail galaxies, but a weak heart, frozen, stands

Staring at the moon plucking off the preciousness of a day

Ripping along everything innocently glittering

There too stood demons of the dark, giggling

It was me not her; gone and gone midway

Eighteen billion seconds give birth to a year

Years painted my rainbow with no touch of green

Recording life’s seasons skipping that of a teen

Where generous rivers were held within each tear…

45 thoughts on “Wrinkled Rainbow

  1. Your last three lines bring images of children in poverty-stricken and war-torn countries forced to become boy-soldiers, prostitutes and sex-slaves. Your poem says a lot, it hits at social and political, even religious conscience, but yet even a wrinkled rainbow is suggestive of hope. Excellent poem Ms. Mira Jay! –Cynthia Ann

    • Wow…first I’m glad to see you here
      Second I never unveil what was on mind upon writing something, but your analysis gave no choice but say, it was mere personal; watching a life that lacks childhood&teenage; drew nothing but wrinkled rainbow & your right wrinkling isn’t a dead end, it might be a start of wise age..
      Thanks for stopping by…have a great weekend

  2. your thoughts wind like a river flowing out to the ocean,
    catching waves of emotions the seem to ebb and flow
    in your balancing then and was with here and now….
    not sure if thats what you were doing but it felt like it to me..
    Beautifully scripted with being just you….

    Take care….

    • Thanks for stopping…Can’t say I’m glad for you’ve found yourself through this poem because I know the pain:'(
      &yea soon it’ll be midnight here, hope you’re having a tranquil one..

      • I don’t want just your radiant face
        i want you to try writing something when you’re up
        I would like to read how your mind thinks then 🙂

        • O’ Spirits of Nature…that’s sweet,
          I’m trying my best but my pencil isn’t working yet at such high-moments…yet I’ll keep trying till it gets bored of its stubbornness.

          • yes. you should realize the only reason I suggest this
            is because you write so well about sadness…
            but can you truly say that is all you feel
            you yourself said that child within you still lingers…
            a child can see a lot of beauty in this world… 🙂
            without even being aware of it
            you have to look through those eyes…

          • I’m a Virgo…
            we don’t give up so easily either 🙂

            about the battle… that is where you are trapping yourself…
            why are you fighting what is within you?
            i think if you just let yourself accept that you can still be happy and writing… you can…
            it’s really all in your head. you must ask yourself what use is there in holding onto the sad things… I think it is safe to say… those things are in the past…
            so why are you letting that inhibit you now

            mira, sorry for interfering so much…
            I really want to see how you write more cheerful stuff…
            Capri’s are very practical they say.. so be that. 🙂

  3. by the way how much it takes you to choose your titles? I love the way you sign and seal your titles with star dust

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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