Baskets of Love

Kneeling whispering a million Amen;
Her hymns knocked heaven calling the King
Who put down his crown to knit a dress of Jasmine
Sent to cover her nakedness on a rainbow wing
The scene isn’t but a reality of April
That falls down soil holding a piece of heaven from above
This year it was destined to carry gifts as well to Wendell
Baskets; fully filled….just of love

Well April since its early start has been soaked with love;
first I’d love to thank Wendell
blogging as
not only for the baskets of love left at my door, but for raising my fallen sky all time…
Thanks from the bottom of my heart for the baskets of love in which you hid your awards:

Sunshine Award, One Lovely Award Blog, The Very Inspiring Blogger Award, The Beautiful Blogger Award
& The Kreative Blogger Award



I wouldn’t bother any with rules listed many times before & I mean those of the first three awards & for my luck if not for yours too; the last one has no rules but appreciation, so what remains is The Kreative Bloggers award that requires saying seven interesting things about myself; well I’ve exposed some sevens before; this time I’ll give seven definitions; you might find weird, but I’ve got my own dictionary to many things in this life:

  • “Luck”; is what human has created to throw blame on upon failure & to pretend humbleness upon success.
  • “Love & war”; are games grownups have created just because they can’t play with dolls anymore & they miss playing time:)
  • “Happiness”; it’s a temple we live out a whole life searching for & whenever we pass by it; we’re often too busy to notice.
  • “Knowledge”; is the analytic reading of our own books; where we are characters not authors before starting any Library.
  • “Money”; is what human has invented when he lost value for every valuable thing.
  • “Magic”; is a dress human has tailored to meet God when he had lost every other way.
  • “God”; The power of Universe that has no Identity but Beauty, no Book but love& no Temple but Light.

& baskets of love continue falling;
Also I’d like to thank 
for 7×7 Link Award
for Creative Chaos Award

I’ll pass the rules of the latter only; which besides showing appreciation to the person that passed it to you, requires telling three weird things about yourself & answering two
really- weird questions:

What many consider weird about me, yet still me, are:

  •  I do believe in other species living on other planets of this universe or it would a wasted space to have only earth inhabited through the infinite.
  • I don’t trust Mathematics as long as it’s built over a few rules that no one can prove even Pythagoras himself.
  • My first enemy is Tv; I do consider its birth nothing but an attempt to kill minds.

Now the weirdest questions I’ve been ever asked:

    1. You must tell why you look at the “glass half full” scenario & ask, “what? No coffee?”

– Well I’m a coffee addict; when there’s no cup in my hand, I start wishing all drinks turn coffee:)            

    1. You find yourself in a desolate place when your car breaks down; You’ve got no phone service, no Superstore; it’s 150 miles to the closest town & all you’ve got is a candy bar. What color your pants are & why?
      • – Probably I’d be in blue jeans unless the fallen curse has changed blue to black:)
Finally I’d like to pass the seven baskets of love
for the following bloggers listed in no order:

Wish I could make the list longer, but I’m scared of driving you bored of reading..
Congratulations everyone; enjoy April & its basket of love..

                                                                                         With Love

45 thoughts on “Baskets of Love

  1. Oho, Glad to know a part of you..:)
    keep inspiring like this, you are a brave one that I know of.
    and congrats for all the awards, deserving Mira…:)
    thanks for the nomination too…

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  3. This is more of an ocean of love than basket of love Mira, thanks for the place in your beautiful heart and the adorable honour. I will cherish both forever.

    You are an amazing, priceless poet and person.

    • First Congrats; second I’m not being tough on anyone, but the first rules of Math are un-negotiable & I don’t believe in anything I can’t prove it..

  4. Congratulations and thank you for including my blog on your basket of love list… I’m glad I came back because I missed it on my last visit. TY! 🙂

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  6. i like your definition of God best 🙂
    and I too believe in other forms of life in the universe
    we can’t just be the only ones… that would be disappointing…

  7. here is an overview of your mind: I like your definitions, each shows a life experience that contradicts with your age
    and you are blessed

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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