Mama Cries

From the heart of flowers, had spring seen light

Just the moment I was granted my first sight;

After living for nine months deep in a sea

Where blindness was all I could see.

Her running beats played my only rhyme 

That I had to hear days long to pass the snoring time.

Like a ball squeezed with no mercy, I had to act

Praying yet unable to reach any God was then a fact;

Mom’s Sacred Love

Praying to Drift gently and soon spread wings out

At least to witness how would sound my very first shout                                     

Decades slowly, slowly slipped away

Finally arrived the wanted day

Yes!! It’s my time to be born; the Doctor said.

Mammy’s torn in pain; over the white sheets bled & bled.

Her endless cries drove me pretty scared,

But never mind, selfishly I sighed, soon I’ll be as free as a bird

Moments for me, yet centuries for her they were

Till bloomed the tiniest flower under January’s prime care

Oh I still remember how it was so cold

Till Mama paid a tender hold;

Glittering she was in pink

And all I needed was; in her Lap to sink

For her torn womb, simply, can’t I sew

Yet I may sip her warmth like does a butterfly to dawn-dew.

Now after centuries I see I’d sinned; wishing to leave her safe womb

…Life is vanity; spent in an extremely huge tomb…



60 thoughts on “Mama Cries

  1. Wow….this was incredibly thoughtful and endearing….and I love the irony and truth in the end….what a realization….it is like unto a death, and a second birth, is it not? Loved this, Mira, I so enjoyed reading it…..

    • Thanks sweet Celeste; well I never thought of a second birth unless it’s just to renew my vows to the power of Universe..It was just being sick of this world that looks darker than the uterine life:(

    • Thanks; glad you’ve seen the serious along;
      Few years back, was planing to gift my Mum piece of my mind on her birthday&when this came up; felt I was so selfish celebrating her pain; then locked it down my drawer till it screamed for light:)

  2. only one person I know who can channelize everything from wisdom to a new life, and that is you Mira…intricately showing both sides of life, and adding rhymes to connect with the reality.
    actually your rhyming words are more powerful, it leaves one to think.
    just for an example, these two lines –
    “For her torn womb, simply, can’t I sew
    Yet I may sip her warmth like does a butterfly to dawn-dew.”

    there is a voice in it, respiring colors of nature and human self. the innocence and the outer world….beautiful…

    and I would love to read your soon to be published book, hope you will send one free over this side….never mind, I could buy one for you and your heartily words.

    and oh life is vanity; spent in an extremely huge tomb…:)

    • O’ my Lord; I’m speechless…Thanks for the Bouquet you brought along; I think its fragrance wouldn’t fade away…
      By the way the couplet you chose is a broken rhyme but I couldn’t put my thought then in to other words..
      May your life celebrate ages before visiting a tomb..
      Much love; you’ll get a signed copy once I decide to publish

    • O’ that was kind..
      Never thought of this & sure I’d have missed too all the brilliant talents out here…
      Thanks…. have a peaceful day ahead

  3. Birth is an awesome truth for all of us…it’s discovering our purpose here on earth that sets us apart from other living things, truth is we are all special, not even two finger prints are the same. I believe we have to discover that special truth for us from the One who gave us this one precious gift of life. Have a blessed day ahead , Mira!

    • thanks for wise breeze you blew over here&yea you’re right Exploring
      THE PRECIOUS is our mission, but we’re humane&losing tracks is in our DNA:)
      You too have a peaceful time..

          • life does bring us sadness, mira 🙂
            i am reading the book you suggested… and it talks about this, too
            without the struggles and the pain there is no real happiness and joy
            untouched beauty is of no use.
            but beauty which comes out of calamity that is worth evey bit of struggle.
            i’m not saying it’s easy.
            i cannot begin to comprehend what you feel and express here
            but once again it’s cause you’re alllowing yourself to wallow in your misfortune.
            if you consider the good things you’ve learned… experienced… witnessed…
            you’ll realize that even with the pain there was always some hope
            cause inside you… that small fire still burns
            and it won’t go out as long as you stay true to yourself

            about coming into this wretched world
            step into your mom’s shoes… can you fathom how much joy you brought her?

            • I do appreciate your time & care for writing this;
              I’m not paralyzed of pain; I’m healing myself by The Light…
              I did bring her both joy & cure…& she brought me the gift of her limitless love

  4. Best poetry i have read on birth…you have really painted a dream with your words.Loved the last line..”life is vanity…spent in an extremely huge tomb…”

  5. How could you have imagined that! genius even within the pessimism you have closed by.
    Flags up for your talent, with each poem I can see a renewed Mira

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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