Tender Dialects

Eyes meet and a sun ray to lips hops

Hearts beat; everything goes fast and never stops

Chill takes me by arm

And I lose myself to your charm

Racing words disappear,

For Lips getting a better career

Once they start their play,

How much you miss, there’s no need to say.

Pour your lips over my body to speak dialects they master

Anchor your ships; my beat can’t run any faster

“Suspire” Painting by Tomasz Rut

Caress me like morning breeze

Take me in your arms and squeeze

Make me thirsty; drink my core

Leave me beg for more and more

Dive so deep

Plant and reap

Lie me down; raise me up

Tear my gown; sip and cup

Grab me like a shawl

I’m a princess down your ball

Invite me under stars to dance

To steal your perfume, I’ll steal every chance
In my bosom come and have a seat

Lips would never translate a heart beat…

Warrior of Light

Down the market aisles

Early I saw her wandering like snails

Never knew what stopped me by

Losing control to swallow an insisting “Hi”

You’re beauty’s Latin;

My ideal comes from there

Since ten in his love I’m fallen;

He signs P.C. over words so fair…

Please tell me you’re coming from his land

I need to send a kiss to his magical hand;

The same hand he’s written with “Eleven Minutes”

Thirsty I am like ever to drink his spirits…

Her greetings said she’s lost

“P.C.! That’s so weird on my side;

I’m afraid you’re ideal is a ghost,

Or in knowing my land’s treasure I lost pride” 


Oh don’t tell me it rings no bell

His words break an unbreakable spell…

Paulo Coelho is his name;

A story of immortal fame

“Oh I see; you’re under his magic;

Well I’m from there,

And I’ll tell you a truth so tragic:

People in my world, his success, don’t share” 

…Oh I pity those thinking they’re flying, when they only creep

I pity those forbidden to reach his deep

By his “Piedra” I sat and wept for a long time

I knocked hell with “Miss Prym”

And If I’m asked a wish over my deathbed

Certainly I’d choose one day of true delight

So I can die and live proud among the dead;

Having spent my last hours with a “Warrior of Light”

Just Here Dad

If you’re wondering, I’m just here Dad

With a million problem piling over my head

Curing withering soul over that bed…

Just here Dad

Bleeding the most precious tears I’ve ever had

And fate’s celebrating victory; driving me mad…

Just here Dad

Black turns the quilt you gifted me as red

Gloom’s replacing posters over walls spread…

“Woman Warrior” Painting by Jia Lu

Just here Dad

I’m just here almost dead

Tell me what’s happiness but a legend I’ve read!

Just here Dad

Just here, for there’s no other place to gad

Just here collecting few words over my last letter to add…

Just here Dad

Trying to cut off a sixteen year old thread,

Yet still grateful even for the crumbs of bread…

I’m just here if you’re wondering; Dad

Here now and in a robe of your choice, clad

Sorry; but can’t stay any longer; wonder no more Dad…

Dinner with Love

Blessing the furthest swell,

Sun kissed Horizon, farewell

Shyly He painted a blush

Erased by hours in a rush

Racing to greet the moon

Whose show will start soon…

And soon The Awaited arrives

Shining like fresh springs in beehives

“Emikos Back” painting by Carrie Graber

Jasmine’s clapping petals perform a perfect melody

Sprinkling fragrance, from any harm, can remedy

Finally smiles and lips meet for a long kiss

It’s been a long while since they’ve done this

But tonight’s special; Love is invited to dinner

And I’m no saint; I’m a sinner

“Tonight’s menu is special too,

The waitress added; oh I can give you a clue:

Pain salad; Dressing of tears aside

Mistrust sauce along with ringlets of loyalty fried

And the main course; smashed deeps along with hearts steamed

By sour carelessness creamed

Later comes the dessert; toasted missing-pies

Topped with betrayal and sprayed with sweet lies

Finally bleeding wounds; tonight’s special drink.

O’ I can’t believe such orders are driving me out of ink”…

Embraced by Light

Over jasmine fields descend Summer’s first rays
Blessing exhausted petals with a healing blaze
Gifting peace tender blossoms lingering in maze
And sprinkling essence of life lost in cold days
Over a butterfly fed up with thunder plays
Lived eternity waiting to be embraced by the light of sunny days…

First of all my apologies for I’d been away almost three-quarters of May;
missed many deep thoughts that I’m unfortunately short of time to grab even half of them,
& missed everyone in his/her special way of keeping my heart warm.
No word can say how much I’m grateful for the bouquets of love and letters of care I’ve found on my return.

I’ll go through no detail of any award; I guess we all got them by-hearted
down this vast Empire:

Special thanks to who keeps rising my fallen skies;
dearest Wendell at http://foreverpoetic.me/
for the warm hugs.

Another thanks for considering me one of the best commenters down your blog; I’m already honored having the opportunity to read your jeweled thoughts…
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Thanks again; I’m honored to have you around, the collection goes back to every one of to you…

Cheers for a peaceful weekend !