Dinner with Love

Blessing the furthest swell,

Sun kissed Horizon, farewell

Shyly He painted a blush

Erased by hours in a rush

Racing to greet the moon

Whose show will start soon…

And soon The Awaited arrives

Shining like fresh springs in beehives

“Emikos Back” painting by Carrie Graber

Jasmine’s clapping petals perform a perfect melody

Sprinkling fragrance, from any harm, can remedy

Finally smiles and lips meet for a long kiss

It’s been a long while since they’ve done this

But tonight’s special; Love is invited to dinner

And I’m no saint; I’m a sinner

“Tonight’s menu is special too,

The waitress added; oh I can give you a clue:

Pain salad; Dressing of tears aside

Mistrust sauce along with ringlets of loyalty fried

And the main course; smashed deeps along with hearts steamed

By sour carelessness creamed

Later comes the dessert; toasted missing-pies

Topped with betrayal and sprayed with sweet lies

Finally bleeding wounds; tonight’s special drink.

O’ I can’t believe such orders are driving me out of ink”…


55 thoughts on “Dinner with Love

  1. It’s beautiful.
    nice images.
    and eventhough that last para is so brutal… 🙂
    this “Jasmine’s clapping petals perform a perfect melody
    Sprinkling fragrance, from any harm, can remedy”
    shines forth…

  2. Your words make me travel to a blissful night, bundled with beauty of sun-kissed horizon and clapping petals of spring redolence before sinner comes and then it oscillates my heart to turn into a sad, remorseful, cold blooded frozen particle.

  3. Mira, once again you take poetic expression to new highs (and lows). Your images in words leave the reader with a feeling a vampire (one who lives off our vitality) has not dined with us but on us… My wish is that you have driven this spectre away?

    • O’ Peter thanks for viewing my talent in such a way..
      &regarding love; I’ve never seen it as a vampire but I loved the way you brushed that image…
      Blessed weekend

  4. ….surely, there would have been a moment to interject two words ~ ‘check please’. Regardless the promise of dessert, there’s a time when you know it’s time to go hungry…….. 🙂 Beautiful writing, but I pray such demons don’t decide your nourishment. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • But I didn’t order anything to ask for the bill!!
      The poem ends as the waitress finished listing the dinner content directing my attention to its popularity in case I have any hesitation:)
      Thanks for the visit, the mind & the prayer…
      Peace back

  5. My goodness….you are so masterful in your choice of words and in your expressions…..I love how I always leave with something when I visit you….this was so cleverly written and keenly articulated…..loved it….

    • well you may enter a thousand rest-house yet have nothing…the way here; had a look at the menu yet preferred hunger:)
      Thanks for bringing your mind; glad you’ve found it interesting..
      Good weekend

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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