Warrior of Light

Down the market aisles

Early I saw her wandering like snails

Never knew what stopped me by

Losing control to swallow an insisting “Hi”

You’re beauty’s Latin;

My ideal comes from there

Since ten in his love I’m fallen;

He signs P.C. over words so fair…

Please tell me you’re coming from his land

I need to send a kiss to his magical hand;

The same hand he’s written with “Eleven Minutes”

Thirsty I am like ever to drink his spirits…

Her greetings said she’s lost

“P.C.! That’s so weird on my side;

I’m afraid you’re ideal is a ghost,

Or in knowing my land’s treasure I lost pride” 


Oh don’t tell me it rings no bell

His words break an unbreakable spell…

Paulo Coelho is his name;

A story of immortal fame

“Oh I see; you’re under his magic;

Well I’m from there,

And I’ll tell you a truth so tragic:

People in my world, his success, don’t share” 

…Oh I pity those thinking they’re flying, when they only creep

I pity those forbidden to reach his deep

By his “Piedra” I sat and wept for a long time

I knocked hell with “Miss Prym”

And If I’m asked a wish over my deathbed

Certainly I’d choose one day of true delight

So I can die and live proud among the dead;

Having spent my last hours with a “Warrior of Light”


42 thoughts on “Warrior of Light

  1. Dear Mira,
    I love Your poem.Maybe because I love each and every one of Paul’s book.That first one I love the most.Thank You for remaining me on that amazing time when I first red it.
    Have a great weekend!
    love&joy always milena

      • Mira,
        I finished By the River Piedra. He is certainly very skillful, very clever. It reads easily. Perhaps I am too old for romantic, sentimental longings, but I was not taken by it. The presentation of the female goddess is something I’ve seen before, and as I’m not Christian it’s more of an academic issue. Robert Graves (another wonderful writer and scholar) discusses the female goddess at length in his books on Greek Mythology. It’s a very interesting subject…………….

        • Mira,
          Sorry, I ran out of space. Thanks for the recommendation, though. I think that your poems are far more moving. And far more genuine than his. So there.

          • O’ power of Universe; that’s much…I’m speechless
            Thanks for the lift…missed your rhythm; guess I’ve missed much these 10days Peaceful Sunday

        • No need to be a Cross-holder to see the feminine side of God…
          &I’ll check the writer you’ve recommended, I’m so in to Greek Methodology..
          Peace & Light

  2. Mira, his words take my breath away…….. You’ve honored him well, although I’m quite certain that (like me) the mention of his name is enough to make you swoon! 🙂 ~ Love you, B

  3. This is a beautiful creation, A GREAT TRIBUTE TO SUCH A WONDERFUL WRITER! His words are like that of a magic portion which arouses the good instincts. I love each and every thing coming from him, he is a true inspiration! Thank you for writing on him Mira!

  4. Do you know, I have never read his work? Isn’t that awful! I will look today and see what I can find. I love these words of tribute you have written. This is beautiful and touches the very soul!

    • mmm…look who’s back! hope you’re having no more problems with your account…
      well try catch the train:) I’m certain he’ll be behind new paths drawn nowhere but deep in you..
      Love & Light

  5. I looked at the Alchemist. Reading “By the River Piedra”. He’s very impressive. And I can see the similarity, the common source with Mira Jay. Beautiful stuff.

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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