If you’re pondering over why did I go,

One true thing you should know

I’ve never left you behind

You settled long ago in mind

But your hug couldn’t I resist

That tenderness told me that I exist

“Solitary Thoughts” painting by Jia Lu

And I was scared to fall in your arm

I know, there, nothing dares to harm

I was on fire yet hands did shiver

When you hold, my veins freeze like a winter river

And ice ages covering my heart melt

No word can describe how I felt;

You whispered for the first time, “I love you”,

And I felt sacred; bathing in holy dew

Pinch me, so I know it’s no dream

Hold my confusion in esteem

Say it again, it’s like sunshine

Shower me, and I’ll be no more only addict to wine

Oh say it again, so I forget I’m a daughter of a Monk

Hold me firm; your love won over wine and left me drunk


57 thoughts on “Drunk

  1. Love is luna moth, sliding between flames, stopping to hear the music. Eating dreams and drinking the midnight sky. Beautifully written with the perfect balance of verse and longing, Mira. I love it. ~ Always, Bobbie

    • Actually I knew nothing of pain when wine was the only thing passing my veins but when I fell in that they call love, my veins became full of venom & that ached for so long…..love & light

  2. Whispering love; touching it, nakedly. The love you describe, is drunk with the innocence of heart. Love, fine tunes with beats of life, we can dance to melancholic song or with the euphony of “love forever”. You be there, in ecstasy of love; so hard it is to find these days.

    and I love that painting, beautifully settles with your words.

  3. Oh Mira…..what a succulent heartbeat and delicious sensations…..This one made me sigh with a goosebump or two…..thank you, my fair lady…..
    BTW, your new pic is gorgeous…..you are one lovely vision….. 😉

    • Celeste…sweet Celeste…I’m pleased to know the impact on you…
      &thanks for complimenting me; your beauty makes you see beauty all around..
      Love & Light

  4. Lovely poem Mira!
    You sound like Omar Khaiyyam in Rubhaiyat:
    ” A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread–and Thou
    Beside me singing in the Wilderness–
    Oh, Wilderness were Paradise enow!”


  5. Mira – Once in a while I miss one of your writings, and like a lost favorite sweatshirt, when found and put on, warmth falls over the skin. Your expression is made ever so sweet by the interpretation of a language that is not your own. As a poet those words then take on a deeper meaning. Like the translators of Rumi or Sun Tzu, we are given a glimpse of the poets heart, a foreign land we might only dream of wandering … So it is with yours, there is a sacredness to your words, that speak of longing, of love and (as Gibran said) being cast upon love’s threshing floor … you maintain a mystery in your words, and in that you keep us transfixed, longing for another clue to her …. perhaps I ramble, it is that tonight time allows, and a little wine lubricates my fingers.
    “The poet now and then catches sight of the people of the night world – the spirits, demons and gods” – CG Jung
    Blessings …
    – gfs

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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