Nameless Charm



“” Couldn’t a rose survive with no thorn!

Beats would never, in love, wake any morn“”

Lips kept this tone ever since, there, words were born

Thought the tone will see no change,

Till the day I felt a tinkle quite strange;

“Giovinezza” Painting by Thomasz Rutt

Crawled my blood like a winter river

In the absence of cold, words did shiver.

It wasn’t the head, chest or liver


Sick, I’ve become of the heart,

And all was nothing but a start

Day after day, pale turned the face

Doctors for sickness found no trace

Yet one whispered, you need a healing embrace.

Well. Guess I do… I badly need a hold;

Got bored of summers so cold

Can’t I hold the beat since we’ve met;

Through his eyes, hid the charm of a sunset…

I’m gone crazy, I bet.

His silent lips grabbed an ocean of words

He was the hunter, and I; the only shot among birds

Neither the hands shook nor did the lips talk,

Yet sat out the eyes for a long walk

Where nothing but the souls spoke and spoke.

Nothing’s since then quite the same

Oh…Wish I could have asked about his NAME…


58 thoughts on “Nameless Charm

  1. beautiful and hit the right spots….

    From valleys bare and mountain swept
    Roamed the lands, beside rivers wept
    Heart broken cursed and never slept
    Till peace came and fear left

  2. ….and silent eyes have so much to speak. Sentimental play of heart can dabble through muted craziness of a moment. Medications I would need too, Mira.

  3. Beauty, charm, heart, soul sounds, sometimes does not ‘visible’, ‘inaudible’, and ‘not felt’. This post, brings the reader can ‘see’, ‘hear’ and feel …. Beautiful! 🙂

  4. This is all so beautifully written…”…Where nothing but the souls spoke and spoke…” I especially like this line; it just reached out and grabbed me. This is my favorite kind of conversation, where words aren’t needed but the heart knows and understands. xox

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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