Sky Number Nine


 Flying kingdom wore no more black

As its queen from her long trip’s back

Soil under crawling snow started chanting

And woke up a dying heart to join dancing

But soon happiness cancelled its stay

Promising to show up longer another day

When a Gentle passed by asking me for few moments

Saying they’ll be more precious than Christmas ornaments

Drawing him an answer with a shy smile, he took my hand

And gently whispered, “Would you say yes if you’re asked by me forever to stand?”

“The Sun Sets Sail” Painting by Rob Gonsalves

The earlier drawn smile became so old

Faded in silence like an aging Marigold

And I was in front of two candles; to stay in light, should put off one

Love or Friendship; which has a brighter sun!

Perhaps I know nothing about the first

But friendship’s sacred and waters every thirst.

Why you’ve set my boat in the ocean of nowhere;

Rowing’s hard when you know not heading to where

You know I’d stand by you to pass any trouble,

You know whenever you’re there my smiles just double

But friendship’s got the ninth if love’s known to conquer the seventh sky

I love you, but I’d never sacrifice this bond for a try

Holy is the sun you’ve carved on your name with mine

Yet worthless sounds any sky compared to sky number nine


42 thoughts on “Sky Number Nine

  1. Indeed, you’re loved
    Cause your soul is plain to see
    True, your hand costs no intimacy

    There is a time for everything, the wise have said
    Nothing could be more precious than a stand

    Lands conquered, resources plundered for the sake of gain
    Being accepted as one among the few I’m proud to attain

    As fires light your insides and cause a stir
    Color flows into your cheeks
    Cannot stand the fall of another tear
    This ship has found what it seeks.

    lovely poem, Mmm…

  2. Mira, beneath the obvious passion lies something more ~ determination in the wandering ~ a longing for the truth and further, a longing to share it. This is exquisite and tender. Truly, I love it. ~ Always, Bobbie

  3. Indeed, some relationships are stronger at the platonic level than beyond; the latter can also ruin the former if it’s not meant to be (speaking from experience)…notwithstanding, awesome work (and accompanying painting) as always!

    • Well Friendship isn’t defined as a platonic phase throughout my dictionaries….it can never be a phase; it’s a life-course standing by itself…
      Thanks for bringing up your mind; Peace & Light

      • That’s a fair point; I figured the word “platonic” was the right one to use in this context. Nevertheless, you’re right – (true) friendship should never be transitional or just a phase…

        • Got you & glad that You got me back…& as I said throughout the poem;
          if love is said to be Sky number seven then Friendship is the ninth…
          Peaceful evening

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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