A Wizard with no Magic Stick

What type of angels are you?

If it’s a secret; oh just give me a clue…

Sun conceals to the golden honey of your hair

Sand against your barefoot in massaging develops flair

Sky dyes her feather stealing blue from your eyes

And to your wink, blush butterflies

You cross summer, and bushes turn trees

Erasing hotness by gentle breeze

And in winter as you walk a street

Rain stops, and storms retreat

What type of angels are you?

If it’s a secret; oh just give me a clue…

Painting by Molly Brill

Like a wizard however showing no trick

You sprinkle peace waving no magic stick

And every time I feel down

You show up drawing a frown

Breaking no silence, you spread your wings

I run and hide where dwell fresh springs

I cry rivers and you squeeze me in much care

Your tender fingers erase pain as climb my hair

For the rivers to go dry, you patiently wait

Then tenderly you say; “I’m all ears mate”

What type of angels are you; ages report

I’m a sailor, and you’re an ancient port

Non-breakable is our bond; new ports ain’t seduce my ship

Of your blood I drank, and you drank of mine as we signed friendship


45 thoughts on “A Wizard with no Magic Stick

  1. I just love it!
    The imagery, the rhymes, everything is so cute!
    If I’d choose, I think I’d like to be the third one… Although I know I’m no angel! 😉 (almost like in Dido’s song!

  2. Once more like the Ancient Inca who tied knots to record their stories, you have woven a rhythm of words that asks the reader to stop in moments and FEEL them, let them ripple the skin a little before moving on. Your use of language a cascade we behold … always enjoyment to read, to relish – Love and light -gs

  3. …..and what type are you ? haha.
    A dish you serve with imagery of love, and intensifying verse you create. Magical hands showcasing creative mind in transcendental motion, how easily you make me feel drunk in your perceptions. I shall smile now, birthing again with overwhelmed moment.
    Poetry is an emotion, I agree, Mira. 🙂

  4. Another enchanting poem dear Mira……..a sincere ode to friendship which is true and honest.
    The first stanza where you have described the physical traits is mesmerising….”sky dyes her feathers stealing blue from your eyes, and to your wink blush butterflies.”
    This is for you Mira- “……and in your glorious soul dwells the aura of a charmer, as intoxicating words become your armour.”

      • Awww Mira….i am embarassed.
        Your dictionaries have exquisite gems we have never even heard of. And yes i loved it ever so much like all your other poems i have read and keep pining for more.
        Love and prayers to you.

        • Here you are, doing the same over & over again…
          I guess the showers of love & admiration found here are reasons for more & more….thanks for your sweet visit
          Much love back to you

  5. There is something about your way with words, Mira. In expert hands, manipulated by silence (and sigh), they take us (as readers) prisoner. They wind themselves around us as spider silk, and when we are without recourse, they pierce us, entering our blood, numbing our thoughts……leaving us a part of the magic you began with your words. I love this. It is wonderous! ~ Love, Bobbie

  6. Wow, Mira….I am really speechless as to what to say…..a brilliant poem written by a genius mind and loving heart…..wonderfully crafted…..thanks so much for the blessing of reading it….
    love to you….

  7. Amazing works (yes that’s works plural – this one and the previous two that I just now read). One question: is this poem (and the previous one) part of a series? Love how you’re flowing with the wizard theme…

  8. Was Faust an angel or a demon?

    Depends on who you are and what your yardsticks are! Mephistopheles’ amongst us will see Faust very differently from the non-Mephistopheles’s. Perception.

    Good one, here!

  9. You transcended language, and yes, gave me peace, and light. ”Sand against your barefoot in massaging develops flair” – I can imagine you, walking in the sand, catching the words as they float by..youhave noticed, haven’t you…?..how your works inspire? EVERY single comment is dreamy, mystical, inspired by your massage of words. Every one.

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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