“Lord of Planets” Painting by Mark Green

Crossing the infinite, stopped by an old globe

Exhausted that I thoughtlessly took off my sweaty robe

Which fell down dragging away faces of shame

In front of a crystal stream calling my name

Then warm arms started caressing my whole

Sprinkling fragrant fusion of spring and Fall

Stamping tender kisses in a sacred art

Till craved satisfaction every parcel and part

Generous tides surfed my deep

Sowing love for light to reap

With each fell veils of obscurity

Unveiling new means to maturity

A whole life within few moments born

A rose with no single thorn.

And as I reached ecstasy

A soft voice whispered, “Welcome to our Galaxy

I’m Mother Nature; The Earliest School

Love is my only golden rule

That’s why I’ve welcomed you over my bed

So my first lesson won’t ever escape your head

You’ll live it once, so live in love to be among the alive

Not by breathing you survive

Dream and paint your wonderland

Homeless are only those who didn’t take Light a homeland

And if worlds disappear, you’ll still be having me

Wide land, limitless sky and deep sea

I’m not a mother; but The Mother

And I only speak in the name of Father…”


50 thoughts on “Ecstasy

  1. Mira, you surely knew I would love this. Mother nature has much to teach us, for surely man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is………what we are. Lovely (as always). ~ Much love, Bobbie

  2. Amazingly written! the sublimed effect of the soul,the birth of new one, the culmination of souls,the learnings on this earth, the galaxies of planets…..and to all the mother of all teaching us the prime lesson of life and love..

  3. The gift of the word, is a double edged sword
    The hand that heals, and leaves others gored.

    You know what your words do, Mira! Thoroughly enjoyed this one (too, as all the others). You have a wonderful gift, and more importantly, make good use of it. Bravo!

    • Alex you always come to me with roses out of their season & I find myself blushing to the rareness you choose to bring along…..You’re the tue poet here; Stay blessed, it’s a mixture of honor & pleasure to have you around.

      Love & Light

    • Thanks Nandita for the showers of love…
      &I’ve checked that before but it was great reminding me of it again; your way with weaving emotions is adorable; stay blessed sweetie
      Much love back

  4. So beautiful, Mira, feels like it flowed straight from the heart. You’ve tapped into that shared universal truth and your writings are an old soul singing that truth to all.

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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