The Artist

Pink blooms, Green dances and Blue swirls

Neither is it nature’s twinkling dress, nor ocean’s glittering pearls

Not even a Wizard’s stick leading amazed beats to rush

And what’s magic compared to a true Artist’s brush!

A Painter who paints anything from nothing and in no time

A Musician that every atom everywhere sings his rhythm and rhyme

A Writer that bring his words meaning to Philosophy and Wisdom

A Poet that immortality builds his floating kingdom

“Eternal Father” painting by Challe

His tears; the rain…
his cold sweat; the snow

His breath; a morning breeze that if anger wakes through becomes a tornado

His smile; the sun shine
and fog is his frown

Clear blue sky; his cape
and the rainbow; his crown

His blink; lightning
and through his cords dwells thunder

A magician that black magic to his
did surrender

The Prime Judge that holy books were written to his law

The King that all kings to his presence bow.

Carving him in words, most famous poets prattle

For no language ever has won such a battle

Even monks aging in his love become slaves to silence

Every time they’re asked about him, they ask for guidance.

Perhaps Art is our only way to touch his glory

He’s The Artist and perhaps Art is his Life’s story…


70 thoughts on “The Artist

  1. Beautifully expressed ode to an artist.
    “His tears; the rain…his cold sweat; the snow”….you paint an wonderful imagery which makes your poetry breathe and come alive in such a colorful way.
    God is also an artist…..the lush grass, the exquisite flowers, the sky, the earth and everything in between is proof that the Almighty is the King of all artists. Always love your flow….

  2. Nice one, M 🙂
    I heard that evil cannot accept goodness…
    This is good. It’s praise.


    Truth shines through
    Lightening our grasp of it
    Unburdening our responsibilty
    Allowing us the freedom of belief

    We are called to be the canvas and the painter
    The muse and the pouring out
    So every beat has a rebeginning
    In the smallest movement

    • Though still looking for a thread connecting the analysis to the analyzed,
      Thanks for the beautiful verses that brought the echo of Sir. Plato’s words:
      “Truth is the beginning of every good even to The God”…

  3. ”The Prime Judge that holy books were written to his law” I love that line for the tolerance in you it shows, and as for your last two lines….well, I would love to teach this poem, and have the group read, take in ‘The Artist’, then chat about what those two final lines mean to them. That ”Perhaps…” may mean looking from a new angle, and explain what is sometimes hard to explain. Worth covering in the classroom for sure.

  4. O, how truly inspiring this is, Mira. I admit that I couldn’t paint my way out of a shoebox, but with words, I can help another to imagine color beyond what a brush can keep. Is that art or is that something without name? Much of what you write (and much of what I write) is more than just story. Just like any woman, we weave our stories from our bodies. Whether that’s through our children, our art, or simply by living, it is all the same ~ it is that which exists beyond our beauty. I love this, Mira. I am moved in ways I cannot speak of. ~ Much love, Bobbie

    • Thanks Bobbie for your sweet stop; your presence always leaves a fragrant breeze saturated with light..
      &regarding your wondering; I say with a bleeding heart: unfortunately each has drawn his Glory a name:(

      Love & Light

  5. I wish I could write with the rhythm you have, Mira! That’s true art.
    And I love the imagery of the poet and his immortal floating kingdom: that’s what poetry is, after all. ❤

    • Nandita your style’s unique & I love it much; no need to wish a change..
      Thanks for dropping me your love & if we’re to think of the countless symphonies composed with no musical instrument, we’d believe in True Art..

      Love & Light

  6. I felt the soft touch in my spirit of every word that your heart has place on paper with its pen of love and praise. Your poem should be called the ‘The Song of Mira’, for its spirit is a lasting treasure to the one who we praise each day! Amazing poem dear Mira! Much love to you my sister, and have a wonderful and blessed weekend!

  7. …and this artist is a mind-traveller. We are committed to his life work. He does not know this — he is a wanderer for that divinity. He started with a voice that came once and then he followed the instincts of nature. It is his artistic blessings for feeding his soul to live in this modernistic adulterated street. Peace belongs to him, but in solitude he opens. This is one way to live happy.

    That artist you are speaking is a reflection of your light. Thank you for sharing this. Beautiful you are, Mira. There is beauty in every art. Haha ha. 🙂

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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