Routes of Time

“The Palm Reader” painting by Ang

I’m a fortuneteller on routes of time

No pocket but years I loot and that’s no crime


Before; haunted were the castles, and now cold’s every hut

In between; found no home, yet homeless I’m not

My mattress changes with age of asphalt floors

And my blanket with sky’s to pray

And the sun opens ways I’d never stray

The rain falls to wash my sins

And lightning over thunder-fear wins


I’m a fortuneteller on routes of time

No pocket but years I loot and that’s no crime


Crawl to me the desperate, diseased and denied

Their misery: heart-breaking and I’m relieved only when they leave with pride

Call me kings, queens and their royal trees

Their ordering tone I hate and say no word before their “Please”

Stop passersby dropping me money

My blood boils; I’m a bee that sweats to make her own honey

When will the ignorant realize;

I’m no beggar and no pity I prize!


I’m a fortuneteller on routes of time

No pocket but years I loot and that’s no crime


50 thoughts on “Routes of Time

  1. Oh, wow! I love this, and how true. You had me long before I got to ‘bee’, but surely then I laughed deep from within my soul, knowing all the things you know……. Beautiful, Mira. Absolutely beautiful……. ~ Love you, Bobbie

  2. “….but years I loot”

    I like this route of time, and her portrayal of life. You penned her sharply, wordsmith.
    A visual treat. Much love for this. Ah! 🙂

    • Your comment; a treasure I’ve deposited in my mind’s bank
      Thanks isn’t enough, but you’re to be blamed as you’ve left my dictionaries blank..

      Thanks dearest; much love back

  3. Ohh! What great lines in the comment above by soumyav! I can ‘see’ this poetry alive on a stage, with 2 persons; one standing, and with Fortuneteller on Routes of Time walking around him, toying, teasing, tantalising, tormenting, tickling (with words) around him, her playful, honest message changing his stance.
    It just made me see it like that! I enjoyed the tone of this piece immensely.

    • I agree to what you’ve said about Soumyav lines; she’s so sweet
      & regarding the act you’ve pictured to this is nice; others had seen it as a song, so I’m lost what it is for real:)
      thanks for embracing me with your light… hugs

  4. mmm 🙂

    cute pic also.

    the number of times I’ve pictured happiness
    all vague and obscure
    countless hopes and passionate wishes
    suspended, volatile, unsure…

    • ……………..blushing:)
      & if I might have a one-good-story then you’ve got all the others…thanks for the smile you’ve drawn; so much needed tonight…
      Love & Light

  5. .., and I have missed you, your woven words, their vines rising from the roots of being, to tell us how the Capricorn sees life, the earthly mother nourishes her fruit, and the grapes become what wine they will be in season …. her nectar we imbibe, we know her passion, and then sleep to begin a new day … may Joy find its way to you – Love and Light – gfs

    • & I’ve missed you more Mr. Profound… hope your away-time was for good..
      Thanks for the wine you’ve poured here; it means a lot to me to be embraced with such light……much more Love & Light back to you
      & I’m looking forward to be notified of a new post soon

  6. A fortune teller, a seer, one whose spiritual eyes always see, always touch the inner most of our spirits, hearts and souls! As i read your words i feel and see the magic you always bring! It is always so wonderful to share a mornings quiet moments embracing your radiance. My love to you my dear sister!

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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