Last Supper

Fallen walls; awaited guest

Silent calls; hidden passion request

Dancing Balls under my chest


Rise… Fall… Rise again then fall

Fibers ache to answer your every call

Vivid thoughts bringing pieces to a whole

“A Glass of Merlot” painting by Victor Bauer

Come in; baptize me with your wit

Gaze in to my eyes and cross me, so I’m lit

Let’s dine fish and wine before we split


Stay more; don’t leave me alone

Have another glass; let’s share another dawn

For this; only for this I’ve taken of life a Loan

Be no angel; O’ at least not tonight

Embrace me with your arms not with your light

Allow me pull off the curtain to what you ignite


Be no angel; invite me to share a lone sin

Pour your scent over thirsty skin

Set a breath-race and let’s see who’ll win


One tender kiss painted over pink

One touch arousing silk beneath the silk

One.. Only one promise signed with vein-ink

40 thoughts on “Last Supper

  1. There are all different tones and tensions going on here, not only between her and him, but also her need to survive another night. The title…really powerful..and gives the verses that little bit extra.
    When a poet doesn’t lie the result is raw. And so very intriguing.
    It is so pleasing to almost, but not quite, drown in quality.

  2. 🙂 Words are as passion – best when there are no rules. The minute we start drawing boundaries, it stops being love and stops being worth the fall. Beautiful (absolutely) Mira…. I love it!!! Wow! ~ Love you, Bobbie

  3. So enchanting Mira! you evoke the passion,you wait for the moment, the desire of burning and being desired is tremendous here. Its like a candle burning in the darkness and yearning for the warmth that it itself possesses..,
    “Be no Angel” conveys the want of being a normal human ,without resistances and inhibitions.. . A whole synopsis can be written on this..great!

  4. This is extremely passioante….i love it.
    Your flow of words mesmerised me… was like black magic! I was in a spell.
    “gaze into my eyes and cross me so i am lit”……..the charm of a beautiful dream.
    Definitely one of my favs on your blog….

  5. You surely have a magical way to gracefully ink your verse. I felt this, and intensely i’m overwhelmed by these words. There are different thoughts in your wave, yet I was caught up with perfumed words in surrendering to love, and that makes me yearn for more of this. You found this and followed through the labyrinth — an aura of romance. A night. A desire. A time to lose the grip on life.

    • Knocking my dark night holding a gift of sunlight… Thanks dear Pawan; Glad you’ve enjoyed the flow & it’s always pleasure to view a piece of your mind..

      Love & Light

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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