Lusty Candles

The ocean touches grace

When sun kisses its face

Then dives in deep

Leaving nature to weep

Passionate gets the dusk breeze

Robins seek a hide in deserted trees

Sky puts on its black gown

Few Diamonds shimmer its crown

Darkness embraces with fears

Till the glittering moon appears

Over faces smiles return

In bedrooms lusty candles burn

For lovers to sprinkle charms

Lashes ravel mysteries for arms

Lips invite moisture to lounge

And greedy ones all passion scrounge

On beds of roses, emotions wallow

Even ache there tastes mellow…

“Vita Memorae” Painting by Vladimir Kush

That’s only one show, and summer’s crowded of similar nights

Where nothing stops the beat even red lights

Summer’s beauty certainly brushed with magic

Wish it never fades away in a nature’s show; so tragic

Soon snow will crawl through the dark like a thief

Stealing life from every hanging leaf

And acting like a wild whore;

Knocking down the safety behind every door

Soon thunder will trigger violence

Killing with no mercy romantic silence…

Three months a summer and nine spent in remorse

Yet no complaint may change nature’s changing course…

42 thoughts on “Lusty Candles

  1. ………..o, Mia, I love this…………..and am reminded (as you know) that beneath every winter blanket, a single seed remembers the sun……….(and that is enough). We know love and remember love, and because of both…….we are always love. ~ Ever, Bobbie

  2. Your imagery is powerful. Nature is our teacher.
    Your last few lines are trained with intensity. How easily you can bring seasons of life, and with a lesson in your last line — You have the substance to accept and live.
    Rhythm is a powerful tool, and your beats are in harmony.
    Love. 🙂 🙂

  3. This is such a sensual ode to the change of seasons. I love how you layer your words with life “sky puts on it’s black gown”….. Only you can fill such haunting magic in the air and your words are not written always painted. I cherish your poems…they are a treat to the senses.

  4. Your dark side is wonderful. Rich. Real, rips and shreds, them gently pasted back together, exactly how YOU want it, in your fight you win only with words over nature’s triumph over us.

    • I owe Mother Nature all I have; it’s shameful pointing my sword to her chest, but sometimes I just lose control and swords hidden in my words decide the start of an already-lost-battle..

      Thanks for the value visit… much love

  5. Love it my dear…..felt every beat of every word…..I think I even smelled the fresh rain of a storm….:)
    Bravo Mira…..I always love your work and find it enlightening as well as refreshing…..

  6. Like winter
    Hearts can freeze and stall
    Never hoping to hear the call
    Of newness and hope
    Where cold lies– warmth copes
    Where heat burns– calm elopes

    Till fresher times
    Come summer and wind-chimes
    Birds leave their nests
    The world’s alive
    But the pure white
    The brittle snow
    The steamy air cannot follow
    Into broad daylight
    Everything’s flourishing
    Without rest

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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