Ghostly Night

Ghosts in a run

Stealing safety; having fun

Conquering a tranquil town

Leaving beauty in fear to drown

Blowing blindness everywhere

Altering a dream to a nightmare

Waiting guards to sleep to kidnap the moon

Leaving a bride, on her wedding night, cry her groom

Invited couples getting mad

Ghost satisfied and glad

"Water Dancing" Painting by Rob Gonsalves

“Water Dancing” Painting by Rob Gonsalves

Has it died before birth

next morning!

Too early stars
declared mourning

Careless clouds too
did weep

Guardian Angels
were having a deadly sleep

Breaking the first rule
in closing their eyes

Leaving Cold’s Ghosts control
what’s beyond the seven skies

Ticks ticked pity, yet heart of time’s so vacant

Striving; Silver finally escaped; back impatient

Impatient to see how looks his bride

And anxious to have her by his side

But there she is with rivers of pain flooding on her lap

Shall the wedding start now after confusion has taken a nap!

“And what’s after the nap”, everyone’s to wonder!

Silence before a storm! And too soon may break silence; thunder…


Gate Eleven


 When faith troubles

Guilt just doubles

Happiness withers away

Innocence fades with sun’s last ray

Yet never rises again on the next day

"The Gate" painting by Yordan Dimitrov

“The Gate” painting by Yordan Dimitrov

Faces of roses
lose charm

carries harm

Conquer devils churches’ rear

Turns a holy bond
to a venomous spear

Honest rhythms disappear

Purity escapes dawn

Evil winds moan

Putting off love in each bedroom

Kissing death either the bride or her groom

Overshadows a lasting gloom

Time anchors in a thrill

Everyone’s gone writing his final will

Adam and Eve have set fire in heaven

Spread wide Hell’s gates that count to eleven

Eleven they’ve become, for Mankind wasn’t satisfied by The Deadly Seven