Gate Eleven


 When faith troubles

Guilt just doubles

Happiness withers away

Innocence fades with sun’s last ray

Yet never rises again on the next day

"The Gate" painting by Yordan Dimitrov

“The Gate” painting by Yordan Dimitrov

Faces of roses
lose charm

carries harm

Conquer devils churches’ rear

Turns a holy bond
to a venomous spear

Honest rhythms disappear

Purity escapes dawn

Evil winds moan

Putting off love in each bedroom

Kissing death either the bride or her groom

Overshadows a lasting gloom

Time anchors in a thrill

Everyone’s gone writing his final will

Adam and Eve have set fire in heaven

Spread wide Hell’s gates that count to eleven

Eleven they’ve become, for Mankind wasn’t satisfied by The Deadly Seven


37 thoughts on “Gate Eleven

  1. I love this. Funny, but I was just reading something about arrogance. I think pride goes right along. As always, Mira, you have a magical way of linking word to image, but an even more amazing talent in moving us to think (or me to think anyway). ~ Love you, Bobbie

  2. Powerful piece. My favorite parts were the first and the last:
    “When faith troubles, guilt just doubles”
    “Eleven they’ve become, for mankind wasn’t satisfied by the Deadly Seven”

  3. I am feeling your words Mira, and they are stepping out tonight! I was thinking of you, i like the new look of your blog and your images, but most of all just what your always bring so true to form, and to yourself. I nominated you tonight for the 2012 Blog of The Year Award! You have always been there since i began for me with your visits and encouragement and i see it reflected everyday with others so you are so deserving because of your special heart and again what you bring to us always. Much love to you dear sister! You are special…congratulations…keep your light shining brightly!

    • Thanks dear one for ever embracing me with your love…
      &thanks for the honor.. also congrats to you; well deserved & best of wishes for more success.

      Love & Light

  4. Yes…! The savage autumn left its bite…! I too found this even scary..! Great lines can be plucked out here and there…Adam and Eve setting fire in heaven was really powerful. Stronger in words than revolutions.

  5. This poem was the perfect description of human sins and guilt. The final paragraphs were remarkable and I must say this is in my top 3 (or 5) from you, and that my friend, is a great compliment since you are an amazing poet.

  6. Ahhhh Mira….I feel your sweet heart, feel the pain you have endured for it has been my own as well…..indeed the heavens open a crack and slam shut just as we dare reach for a single ray…..but alas, it is in the dark where we carry this light, this remembrance of true love and grace, and carry it safe deep inside as a tree preserves it sap and leaves in the winter….only to find the full light of the sun in due course of time, to put forth the most lush and lovely of aromas and shades of rest…..I hope you are well and I wish you every good thing…..

    • Celeste, sweet Celeste; you’ve been missed much here. welcome back; hope your away-time was for good… glad you’re touched & thanks for the wishes; many more wishes back to you through this sacred month..

      Love & Light

  7. Beautiful words, causing emotions to rise. Gorgeous images, sparking more feeling. Creative formatting enhancing the whole. A unique and loving expression seen nowhere else. Thank you, Allia

  8. In moments, we display our true selves
    Not made up cosmetics and finery
    But maddening truth
    That when placed against all our fears
    All our ideals and fantasies
    Reveals who we really are
    We might be gone tomorrow
    But there is still time
    And that is our legacy
    Our divine will

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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