The Queen died with no funeral

For silence’s ordered by the Black General

Obedient to his will, acted my all except an anxious breath

Couldn’t I mourn my Knight’s birth on Queen’s death

Like a blind; what I never enjoyed, I can’t worth

And how am I supposed in grief to welcome my birth!

My Knight’s born over Universe throne

Everyone bowed to the gold he shone

Kidnapped me tranquility to paradise

To wake me later a shocking surprise

"Moon Gate" Painting by Tone Aanderaa

“Moon Gate” Painting by Tone Aanderaa

To me the proud knight’s
kneeling down

Kissing me freedom
as embracing my head his crown

No more the feet
touch the ground

I’m a butterfly
jasmine abound

Ripened secrets like
maple sugar seep

Lost which to pick and to which yearns my deep

Finally chose the secret of secrets; The Rock

It was heavier than Gibraltar’s rock

That I fell back ground; ceased breath

I fell to fall again and deeper to my Knight’s death

The Queen came back to revenge my Knight

Revenging me too, for I didn’t mourn her last night;

But why? Can a slave grieve the death of the arrogant ruler of the empire?

And how? Have you ever heard; sun’s been mourned by a Vampire?

A Vampire who’s brought to life only over her cold cell

And as coldness steals warmth, she sends him back to hell


52 thoughts on “Revenge

  1. Mira Jay, this piece is so intriguing. It is passionate, and yet sad in a way that I can’t quite put to words. I remember reading once that loneliness and grief visit us together. In our loneliness, we grieve for the person we were before (without all the pieces missing). It’s odd how slow the body is to realize our loss. I love this ~ this wonderful onion of emotion and feeling. ~ Love you, B

      • I actually thought a bit more on this during my drive to work this morning, and I kept coming back to the title. Regardless the circumstance, when it comes to love, we may think we’re ‘done’, but rarely are we right…. ~ Love you, B

        • mmm; well I’m glad I’ve stayed with you this long:)
          & actually it’s passion & the current title is what I could put for “Birth over Death”…
          Regardless of the poem & the heart it holds; I agree to your last point; “in the end all’s right, if it’s not right then it’s never the end”…
          Much love back to you…xo

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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