Broken Spell

Like an embryo bringing in pain his mum to her knees

A Poetess’ beats screamed to breathe freedom-breeze

Waking behind her tired lids the Angel of Sleep

To a mission of carrying out a peaceful delivery of her screaming deep

Faithfully he flew the dawn seeking virgin zones

Capturing moon’s last ray fallen on precious stones

And back pouring light-drops in her inkwell

To baptize every beat on farewell

"Explosion Thumb" painting by Salvador Dali

“Explosion Thumb” painting by Salvador Dali

Sneaking through her window, the sun touched her face

Whispering through her hair, “rise and shine your grace”

She opened her eyes with a smile to the almost-forgotten-sound

Sensing a warmth spinning through her insides; long-lost yet now found

Lost in thoughts surfing her mind and threatening to spill

To her den she strode looking for a badly-missed quill

Over the mahogany desk, she sat shedding her years

Few smiles mingle with countless tears

Finally her spirit broke free from the grasp of hell

Vivid rhymes danced over lines celebrating a broken spell

Kept the papers piling and time ticking till she lost count of the two

Once found:
there was a finished story as the Angel of Sleep back to her cold eyes flew


32 thoughts on “Broken Spell

    • Dear Scott; glad to hear from you..
      Been a long time since I’ve been here, is there a lot I’ve missed from you!
      looking forward to have my deep evoked:)

      Love & Light

  1. Mira Jay, it has been so long since I’ve heard the sound of your fragile wings beating. It feels like spring is in the air, even though we are in our fall here. I sense hope in your words today and feel what I suspect is calm. If so, I am happy for you, beautiful soul. Love to you, always. Sue

    • mmm… Sweet Sue; well Poetry is never tasted the same by different tasters; I’m glad you’ve sensed hope though it wasn’t the state I wrote this through..
      &yea it’s been long time since I blogged last; looking forward to read you again.

      Love & Light

  2. Every day of love is another day to risk for goodbye. This is calming, and yet ‘accepting’……….. But I think the hope mentioned before is a part of you and not necessarily a part of this piece. You are a risk-taker and a lover. You will not change (nor should you), and there (THERE) is the hope. Love is always worth the falling. I love this, Mira Jay……… I’ve missed you and love you dearly, my friend. ~ Bobbie

  3. Beautiful flow and rhythm Mira! Beautifully written… writing is a process that takes many turns, it will return when it is ideal for the writer to pen it meaningfully. Every writer has a inspirational moment, a stumbling block as well as rebounding time. Enjoy every moment and thoughts will just flow when they have to. Love and luck 🙂

    • Even when we’re fully aware of these stages&their passability, we still fear some & crave another..
      Thanks dear Aparna for the wishes; same back &more..

      Love & Light

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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