Thirsty Soul

Snow peaks witnessed sunshine

Everybody felt unusually fine

Smiling birds there flew

Under a sky finally painted blue

Is it summer or just a passing day

For our sun, a winter tax, to pay

Or it’s simply Valentine!!!

Young hearts in front of shops stood in line

Spending a tiring day searching a present

Special enough for pumping hearts to be pleasant

"To Our Time Together" painting by Vladimir Kush

“To Our Time Together” painting by Vladimir Kush

Hours slipped away, and came the wanted night

For chests, arms and lips to fight

Fragrant candles every where

Hid romance here and there

Our world’s sinking in red

Hot kisses wake the resting bed

Where thirsty souls make love

Blessed from angels watching from above

But here stands a soul under a clear sky

Alone with a million star, ready to fly

Fly to whom at most she cares

His absence has made life nothing but continuous nightmares

But him, the heart, longs for none

What’s a Valentine after he’s gone!!!


30 thoughts on “Thirsty Soul

  1. I don’t pretend to know much……. but there are things I know for certain………. we don’t miss what we don’t love………and love is never lost, for always it is but a thought away……… May your nights be tender with the stars. ~ Love you, Mira. ~ Bobbie

  2. A day to celebrate love, I want to celebrate that you are writing and sharing again…a very lovely poem, and what makes it wonderful is it is one of yours. I hope your day was a very beautiful one with lots of happy moments my sister! It is nice to have you back no matter how long, because you are always missed by those who love you! Hugs and blessings!

  3. What’s a valentine when the heart beats in a distant world, it’s whispers not for us to hear …
    but let’s smile a little today for it still beats, feels a little, and not cold and shrivelled.

    Let your heart be warm always. Let your dreams bring a smile in the morning sun.

    Beautiful as always Mira.

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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