Heart of Albums

Sadness becomes my owner

Haunt memories every corner

Bleeding as moments creep

Shallow goes every deep

Smiles; nothing but the work of stadiums

Beats no more traced away of albums

Through photos, sour life’s tasted

Nights making no love are nights wasted

"Pamela"painting by Carrie Graber

“Pamela”painting by Carrie Graber


 Everywhere I go; your scent follows my trace

No more can I go on without an embrace

I run and hide; still echoing your voice

No more can I breathe; but there’s no choice


It’s me who decided to breathe without you

And how a rose can stop breathing dew!

How a spring can stop wearing colors!

How a butterfly can stop tasting flowers!

How a swell can stop kissing shore’s hands!

How can everything keep going in time my time still stands!

Oh no…I’ll start no tear destined to last

No present; no future should meet this past

I’ll survive another heart cavity

There’ll come a doctor; I believe in gravity…


33 thoughts on “Heart of Albums

  1. Absolutely superb, Mira Jay. This touched me like no other. You are the blossoming rose, the fine wine, the one immortalized for your talents, all in due time. xoxo

  2. We cannot miss what we do not love. I’ve often wondered if part of the missing isn’t that other person, but the person we were when in their arms………… I love this, sweet Mira Jay…… Always, the candle burns for you. ~ Love, Bobbie

  3. Mira – Dear Friend,
    It is so nice to hear your voice, and I find your page re-design delightful. I have to agree with Bobbie, it is not so much the other, but who we were with them. There is a natural order to things, and while it is true, we feel incomplete without another to complete the circle of our lives, we also find that in searching, we learn more about our own soul, and its connection to the All … I often wonder how you are … why would that be – except that we are all connected. Question; Have you ever been to Baalbek? It is ancient of ancient …

    • Dear Peter; I miss your profound lines…
      It’s always pleasure seeing you knocking my door with the jasmine you tenderly pick me…
      &the regarding the connection; I’ve ever sensed a bond of light between our souls that I can’t find the right way to express it..
      & certainly I’ve visited the Sun-City, why asking that? Have you been there or you can imagine it beyond my rhyme!

      Peace & Light

      • Ahh .. The Sun City! I suppose that’s it, the connection, but not from Rome, from days long before when the stones sang and the Earth herself was alive with music.
        Baalbek has always fascinated me, and after you mentioned the Cedar Forests I thought you may have been there too … I pray for your safety, Love and Light in your life …

        • Well the sun exists ages before any city;)
          &thus it lives in us anywhere anytime..
          Thanks for the prayers; all I need is some time to breathe with no loads over my shoulders…that’s it..
          Much love dear one

  4. Your words sing of a certain sadness within, and yet there is always a hope you will be lifted within. The world can be such a lonely place when we chase after it wares, leaving us more than empty, but more like being spiritually bankrupt within, We must always take time to reflect and smell the roses that we pass in life…for their selfless love always nourishes our hearts and souls and leave us feeling full when we need a hug, an endearing embrace even when its from afar. Happiness is still so very close to you Mira, because though your words are sad, yet as you said there is hope that can be attained as your words found breath again to inspire words from others who hold you dear. You still have not lost your touch…share with yourself, take care of yourself, love yourself and you will find that the power to be within will always empower you. Hugs and blessings always dear one!

    • Dear Wendell; thanks for the blesses & regarding the pain , I appreciate it more than the smiles because it has made me the one I am proud of being…
      Please excuse my being away but business is stealing me from your warm bosom..

      Love & Light

  5. Oh Mira, we miss the joyous experiences along with the person. We store them in the memories, no matter what we do they keep appearing. Learning to live with what cannot be wiped out completely is painful. Missed your rhythms and beats dear friend. XXX

    • & I’ve missed your deep Haiku, dear Aparna.
      Regarding ever-existing-memories; their pain is sweet if we learn to see the brighter side of the coin..
      Peace & Light

  6. memories remain … your words always bring an ache in the heart, and moisten the eyes. But I love the connect, and always end with a smile.
    Sending you some smiles 🙂

  7. It is always such a treat to see you back, Mira, leaving footprints with your words again as their meaning and the images they have brought along keep lingering on the back of my mind… Love, Ese

    • Well dear Stephen I doubt my penned beats can sweep hearts more than your played beats; missed their taste along wine & the moonshine;)
      Started wishing my day 48hours instead of 24 so I can catch up with dear ones like you..
      Much love

  8. A picture’s just a moment
    A setback’s just a pause
    A life’s worth an infinity
    Of wishes as age diminishes
    Of joys yet to unfold

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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