Falling Crystals

Seconds drift like years

Knitting more fears

A shadow of mine escaped the crowd

Broke in tears a proud cloud

Uncaring for a pride falling to a creep

Darkness keeps secrets in the deep

Breathless turned an eye

Towards a marvelous sky

Was it sky’s garment over-glittering?

Or my crystals were behind that much twinkling?

Couldn’t I realize which was true?

As I couldn’t stop tears for a proper view

And how could I when you sleep cold!

You’ve promised with me to grow old

Why you’ve gone this fast?

What a spell to cast!

"The surreal "painting by Rob Gonsalves

“The surreal “painting by Rob Gonsalves

When I was around four, in love with a star I fell

Used to dream of it as well;

“Beyond that twinkling star

The Lord has hidden a jar

In which he collects spirits

Not any; just those of royal merits”

Wish that jar’s there for real

Glimpses of your wandering spirit, all night I’d steal

Weird’s life and how time rules every game!

Seems like yesterday when you spelled first my name

Today that you’ve become for whom I yearn

And tonight you’re ashes and I’m your urn…


26 thoughts on “Falling Crystals

  1. become for whom I yearn

    And tonight you’re ashes and I’m your urn…

    As usual you are creative , you are taking the reader to that place , the place that can’t be described

    • Thanks for embracing me with this sum of admiration…
      But kindly notice that my words are my beats, and as skipped beats bring harm to the heart, so skipped words bring harm to the meaning, so please when you quote for me, don’t skip any..

  2. Your poem is an exquisite treasure! What a priceless moment to embrace your words again! Thank you for the smile which decorated my morning! To know you are well is a special gift, it means our God has watched over you! May His blessings and love always surround and embrace you each day of your life! Love hugs and blessings to you my dear sister!

  3. Powerful sentiments, Mira Jay. No doubt, you always have something important to say, and somehow you find the words to express it so well.

    Be well, dear one.

  4. Mira – I am not sure what it is called, but I will call it blended rhyme … You use it so well to wrap the reader into your heart, and to walk with you through your experience, of growth, paring, and longing to renew … always we are captured by your grace, and longing for you to find joy – Love and Light always!

  5. I’ve missed the heart that speaks such a delicate (yet powerful) language……….the soul which carries love without need of proof. ❤ I love and miss you, Mira Jay.

        • Well seems that I’m sorry for all those I draw tears in their eyes regardless of the reason:(
          Any way thanks for being around with all this love; much appreciated & by the way your message left me wordless that I couldn’t even reply. I owe blog-sphere being surrounded not only with talents but with caring people like you..
          Thanks again

          Love & Light

  6. Starlight, your essence reflecting
    Beauty only innocence can see
    The firmament will crumble
    In ode to life’s symphony

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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