Busy Bee

Busy Bee

It’s said that “A bee is never as busy as it seems; it’s just that it can’t buzz any slower” Well I don’t agree for my world has recently become a crowded apiary where I’m the only bee present:(

The bee had a busy season that even Santa couldn’t find her to present his gifts, but so many bloggers didn’t care about the shut door and so left her gifts drenched with warm wishes.
Well even if it’s late, but it’s never too late for the bee to thank you all for embracing her with this much of love.

I’d like to pay special thanks for the mentioned below for starring my 2012:

Blog of the Year Award

Also I’d like to thank Mrs. Generous at http://soumyav.wordpress.com/
for her ever showing generosity:

        Reality Blog                    Sisterhood of the         Beautiful Blogger
            Award                    World Bloggers Award             Award
Reality Blog Award Sisterhood of the world bloggers award Beautiful Blogger Award

Gargie Award You Make My Day Award Liebster Award
  Gargie Award            “You Make My Day” Award            Liebster Blog

One Lovely Blog Award

Again I’d like to thank for the
 One Lovely Blog Award:

And back to Sweet Mei at http://meirozavian.wordpress.com/;
thanks one more time for:

     Sunshine Blogger Award          &          Inspiring Blogger Award
Sunshine Blogger                   Inspiring Blogger Award

Sunshine Award

& one more thanks to
Susane at http://makebelieveboutique.com/
for the Sunshine Award 

Please pardon me for not mentioning any of the new-awards’ rules, but I’m certain there’s always a way to find out…

Finally it’s time for the bee to play Santa and send gifts your way:

      • Radiant Bobbie
      • Sweet Sur
      • Profound Peter
      • Pirate Will
      • Tender Esenga
      • Lovely Aparna
      • Dear Stephan
      • Lively Sirrah
      • Kind Maxima
      • Loyal Wendell
      • Radiant Susane
      • Passionate Mei
      • Generous Soumya
      • Kind Ronnie
      • Insightful Carina

Peaceful weekend everyone


Gratitude Garland

Don’t know if you’ve heard of this before but a dear has knocked my day with such a garland; the very fragrant of his arrangement was gratitude…

“”The yearly Līgo celebration happens every summer solstice in Latvia.
At this time we adorn our heads with Līgos of flowers, oak leaves, grasses & 
We join circles around bonfires and celebrate life & our appreciation of each other.”

Here’s how it works:

  • Complete this sentence about blogging: ”A great blog is…”
  • Refer back to the blogger who invited you
  • Invite 2 bloggers to join the Līgo Circle of Appreciation on a post

To get to know the Ligo Circle of Appreciation among fellow bloggers,
please check:
http://esengasvoice.wordpress.com/2012/10/01/ligo-circle-of-appreciation/ “”

First allow me pay special thanks to the very person in blog-world
who rises fallen skies with his ever-glowing light;
Wendell on 
Thanks dear not only for crowning me with those flowers of appreciation, but for your blessings because as Alan Cohen said:
“Appreciation is the highest form of prayer, for it acknowledges the presence of good wherever you shine the light of your thankful thoughts.” 

Moving to <what a great blog is>, I’ll breathe it in brief:

It’s a four-season-zone 
Spring-Thoughts bloom, Summer-Light twinkle,
Fall-Wisdom loom and Winter-Melodies jingle…

Reaching the nomination part; I’m supposed to encircle only two bloggers though those I appreciate can’t be counted in a One-digit-number.

Pawan blogging as http://awakeningpsyche.wordpress.com/;
His thoughts are like wine, the more you drink the more you’ll wish for more…
Alex on http://thepoeticgoblin.wordpress.com/;
He weaves stories that ask for no guitar along as they play the strings of every heart they reach…

O’ and as usual I don’t like bothering you with many posts of this kind, so allow me pay thanks to two more bloggers for awarding me the One Lovely Blog Award:

Thanks to Gentle Will. on http://managuagunntoday.wordpress.com/;
A man of talents & you’ve to hold your beat to his Haiku..
& to Sweet Sur. on http://drsuraiyanasim.wordpress.com/;
A woman of wide heart, broken yet purer than snow..

I won’t bore you with the rules or any of that; but I’d like to gift this award to:

Finally my love to all: the mentioned & unmentioned …

Taste of Love

And as Mark Twain once said:
“To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with”; and I’m lucky to have YOU, all of you, for my stay here is granted by your love, and so with you, I share the joy it brings.

Sorry for the delay in showing my appreciation to so many of you.
I’m short of time these days, but when it’s about love, it’s never too late; So…..


“The shore where we met is somewhere distant, the boat is above the wave,
In the boat we are together; my voice is sounding resonantly and easily, and the mad swell is singing together with me.

I thank you for every moment,
I thank you for the taste of love,
I thank you for the night color,
I thank you for the darkness and light.
And while my star is blazing…
I thank you for completely everything.

The boat of our souls and our feelings keeps on going its way in the ocean of life.
For nobody could overturn us; I want to dive in your thoughts.

I thank you for every moment,
I thank you for the taste of love,
I thank you for the night color,
I thank you for the darkness and light.
And while my star is blazing…
I thank you for completely everything.”

((Lyrics & Music belong to Vitas, and the underlined words written in NO Italic Font don’t belong to the song; I’ve given myself the right to create a replacement, so it fits the message I want to carry to you)) 

Special THANKS to the following Bloggers to whom I bow not only for the flood of love I’m always blessed with, but for the exquisite talent they have as well.

for The Outstanding Blogger Award

for Blogging with Grace Award

for 2012 Inspiration Award

for Reader Appreciation Award

for Thanks for Writing Award 


for One Lovely Blog Award

for The Very Inspiring Blogger

for The Sunshine Award

& again http://daabsentee.wordpress.com/
for The Versatile Blogger Award

Finally I’m certain you all know the rules for every award, so I won’t waste your time with that, and this flood of love is presented to everyone welcomed at my place of this vast Empire; you’re all nominated with love.

Love & Light

Embraced by Light

Over jasmine fields descend Summer’s first rays
Blessing exhausted petals with a healing blaze
Gifting peace tender blossoms lingering in maze
And sprinkling essence of life lost in cold days
Over a butterfly fed up with thunder plays
Lived eternity waiting to be embraced by the light of sunny days…

First of all my apologies for I’d been away almost three-quarters of May;
missed many deep thoughts that I’m unfortunately short of time to grab even half of them,
& missed everyone in his/her special way of keeping my heart warm.
No word can say how much I’m grateful for the bouquets of love and letters of care I’ve found on my return.

I’ll go through no detail of any award; I guess we all got them by-hearted
down this vast Empire:

Special thanks to who keeps rising my fallen skies;
dearest Wendell at http://foreverpoetic.me/
for the warm hugs.

Another thanks for considering me one of the best commenters down your blog; I’m already honored having the opportunity to read your jeweled thoughts…
My thanks on this gift goes to brave Boomie Bol at http://boomiebol.wordpress.com/ too.

Also I’d like to thank sweet Sue at
lovely Archana at
& kind Shantelle at
for Versatility

Again thanks to:
Sue along with
vivid Blank Canvas at
& Dedicated Vimal at
for Beauty.

Naima at
for Loveliness 

 Princess Steph at http://lostupabove.wordpress.com/ for an ever-flowing generosity

  & one more time Vimal; The Curious Talent for his genuine spirit.


Thanks again; I’m honored to have you around, the collection goes back to every one of to you…

Cheers for a peaceful weekend !


Baskets of Love

Kneeling whispering a million Amen;
Her hymns knocked heaven calling the King
Who put down his crown to knit a dress of Jasmine
Sent to cover her nakedness on a rainbow wing
The scene isn’t but a reality of April
That falls down soil holding a piece of heaven from above
This year it was destined to carry gifts as well to Wendell
Baskets; fully filled….just of love

Well April since its early start has been soaked with love;
first I’d love to thank Wendell
blogging as http://foreverpoetic.wordpress.com/
not only for the baskets of love left at my door, but for raising my fallen sky all time…
Thanks from the bottom of my heart for the baskets of love in which you hid your awards:

Sunshine Award, One Lovely Award Blog, The Very Inspiring Blogger Award, The Beautiful Blogger Award
& The Kreative Blogger Award



I wouldn’t bother any with rules listed many times before & I mean those of the first three awards & for my luck if not for yours too; the last one has no rules but appreciation, so what remains is The Kreative Bloggers award that requires saying seven interesting things about myself; well I’ve exposed some sevens before; this time I’ll give seven definitions; you might find weird, but I’ve got my own dictionary to many things in this life:

  • “Luck”; is what human has created to throw blame on upon failure & to pretend humbleness upon success.
  • “Love & war”; are games grownups have created just because they can’t play with dolls anymore & they miss playing time:)
  • “Happiness”; it’s a temple we live out a whole life searching for & whenever we pass by it; we’re often too busy to notice.
  • “Knowledge”; is the analytic reading of our own books; where we are characters not authors before starting any Library.
  • “Money”; is what human has invented when he lost value for every valuable thing.
  • “Magic”; is a dress human has tailored to meet God when he had lost every other way.
  • “God”; The power of Universe that has no Identity but Beauty, no Book but love& no Temple but Light.

& baskets of love continue falling;
Also I’d like to thank http://graypoet.wordpress.com/ 
for 7×7 Link Award

 http://loveamongotherthings.wordpress.com/ http://darkestangelica.com/
for Creative Chaos Award

I’ll pass the rules of the latter only; which besides showing appreciation to the person that passed it to you, requires telling three weird things about yourself & answering two
really- weird questions:

What many consider weird about me, yet still me, are:

  •  I do believe in other species living on other planets of this universe or it would a wasted space to have only earth inhabited through the infinite.
  • I don’t trust Mathematics as long as it’s built over a few rules that no one can prove even Pythagoras himself.
  • My first enemy is Tv; I do consider its birth nothing but an attempt to kill minds.

Now the weirdest questions I’ve been ever asked:

    1. You must tell why you look at the “glass half full” scenario & ask, “what? No coffee?”

– Well I’m a coffee addict; when there’s no cup in my hand, I start wishing all drinks turn coffee:)            

    1. You find yourself in a desolate place when your car breaks down; You’ve got no phone service, no Superstore; it’s 150 miles to the closest town & all you’ve got is a candy bar. What color your pants are & why?
      • – Probably I’d be in blue jeans unless the fallen curse has changed blue to black:)
Finally I’d like to pass the seven baskets of love
for the following bloggers listed in no order:

Wish I could make the list longer, but I’m scared of driving you bored of reading..
Congratulations everyone; enjoy April & its basket of love..

                                                                                         With Love

Doubled Seven

Invited me morning earliest breeze to his warm lap
Over Coffee, there was a gift that I had to unwrap
The greeting said; “you’re like a compress to my sore head”
In front of such sweetness, I found no honeyed thread….”

Special thanks to Ms. Marilyn for awarding me the 7 x 7 Link Award

Ms. Marilyn is a writer whom through her words, you can explore a deep heart…Please don’t miss the opportunity to visit her world: http://fromagoraphobiatozen.wordpress.com/

With that being said, this award requires me to:

  • Reveal seven things about myself that you don’t already know
  • Compile 7 of my favorite links from my blog;
  • Bestow this award upon 7 other bloggers.
So here we go; starting with me:
  •  The first Poem I’ve written was on March 2000 over the deathbed of my
    best friend;
  • I only write when I’m feeling down:(
  • The first Novel I’ve read was Mark Twain’s “Tom Sawyer”;
    I’ll never stop reading as long as I’m breathing; You can say book-holic:)
  •  I don’t raise an eye till the book I’m reading is finished
    &that’s also applicable to a thousand page Novel.
  • I’m Capricorn which means “When I commit myself to something;
    I don’t listen to myself after”
  • I love stars; perhaps that’s why I don’t fall asleep before the last star does.
  • I want to have a tattoo over my vertebral column, yet it’s risky in my case:(
    But I still want it badly.
 My Favorite posts published over wordpress are:
Now It’s time to send love & the 7 nominees are:
Also I would like to thank  http://artepiphany.wordpress.com/ and http://haphazardlinkages.wordpress.com/ for Versatile Blogger Award
advising you to check their awesome blogs
 since it’s the 4th & 5th time, I won’t disturb you with its details….
so feel free to grab it if you’re a reader of mine…
Finally I would like to tell you that I would not be able to inform any of you about the award because I’m facing a problem with my blog since yesterday; my comments are not appearing over any post I comment over, and I’m not receiving any notification…If you’ve faced such a trouble before, I’d appreciate your help..
Thanks in advance
Congratulations  every one…I’m looking forward to discover your sevens:)

Blooms the Rain

Empty is the seat;
Broken is the beat;
Generous is this early Spring
Not only with the tears it did bring
But with love stirring even cold blood
Awards… Oh… just another flood…

First I’d Like to show my appreciation for http://living4bliss.wordpress.com/ for presenting me
The Very Inspiring Blogger Award
And before moving to it’s rules I’d like to grab the opportunity to advise you visit her blog.

Also I’d like to thank Generous Steph blogging as
http://lostupabove.wordpress.com/ for 
Versatile Blogger Award which is the third so I Wouldn’t disturb you with its rules.

Now About The Very Inspiring Blog Award; the rules are easy and summarized as follows:

  • Showing appreciation to the sender; ( Thanks again:) )
  • Revealing seven facts about yourself; ( mmm…. )
  • Passing the award to seven other bloggers.  ( wish it was more than seven:( )

Now Me in seven:

  • I was born on 1-1; the whole world celebrates my birthday:)
  • Nothing can cease my melancholy except shopping;
    “shop till you drop, and if Dad says stop; just call a cop” 
  • I’m a vegetarian; Nature-hugger in all means.
  • I love collecting shells; weird stones and odd roots.
  • I fear Thunder; still run to Mum’s bed through stormy nights:$
  • I hate Winter unless it’s a cheese&wine night by the Chimney.
  • & I believe in life on other planets; the vast universe isn’t created for us only.

Finally I’d like to pass both of these awards to the following blogs:

Let’s start our week with lots of love
Your heart; the key for the heaven above 

March in Flood

March; the month of flowers and butterflies
Perhaps for all, but for me; it’s the month of bleeding skies
Nothing would steal the gloom from my eyes
Yet today’s sun brought me a mood-change surprise


Special thanks to http://artepiphany.wordpress.com/ for the generous flood of awards
Three-in-one-award; Sunshine Award, ABC Award and One Lovely Blog Award
Also Thanks to http://grandfathersky.wordpress.com/ for Sunshine Award
Thanks again for the two talented & I’d advise you visit their awesome blogs.

This time I wouldn’t disturb you with the rules of each award or any other detail, but I’ll take the opportunity to answer those who are wondering about my absence and the gloom conquering my beats recently.

Well It’s March; a bleeding month over years; twelve years exactly…
When a twelve year old girl had The Death King taking off his cape over her own arms; innocently she kissed the falling cape and flew away, and too late it was when she knew the reality…No tear after could bring back any smile as no Whiskey could drink away any pain, and so spring knocks her door in a mourning dress…
No more tiny are the arms ;years pass over the spirit left homeless, and the heart cut is still fresh as if no moment had passed…
That’s March; the same month she used long ago to wait to greet Spring; flutter with butterflies; sing with birds and smile with flowers..

Finally I’d like to pass the award for the following bloggers:

May your March be better than mine
Embraced with an eternal sunshine

Alphabets Giggle

Perhaps I can’t recall the first time i did wiggle
But never I’ll forget how did the ABC sound with a sweet giggle
Now after I turned 24, I’ve to sing in public my ABC
Sounds crazy, but in Alphabets here’s me….

Before I sing my ABC, I’d like to send special thanks to Talented Steph  blogging as http://lostupabove.wordpress.com/ for nominating me for the ABC Award that before I draw its rules, I’ll take the opportunity to advise you roam her blog.

The rules of this award are simple:

  • There is no limit to how many fellow bloggers you pass this on to.
  • Share some things about you, but alphabetically, just a word or two starting with each letter of the alphabet.

Now here’s me in ABC:

A: Alien; simply me
B: Blue Butterflies
C: Chess; my best time
D: Diamond
E: Eric Clapton
F: Flute; my peaceful moments
G: Guitar
H: Harley
I: Inferno
J: Jasmine; heavenly
K: Kites; what I recall from my childhood
L: Lotus; my flower
M: Marxism
N: Neil Diamond
O: Oliver Twist; my first Novel
P: Paulo Coelho
Q: Queer notion of life
R: Rattle Snake; my loveliest creature
S: Saxophone; my first instrument
T: Tender Poison; my perfect perfume
U: Uniqueness is my only game
V: Venice; my dreamland
W: wine wine:)
X: my ex….don’t remind me; he turned my life to hell:)
Y: Yachts steal my passion
Z: Zeus

Now it’s time to pass this lovely award and discover some personalities:

Let’s sing our ABC …

Falling Gold

Preparing my suitcase
Tears rolling down my face
Left me Sun a golden trace
So Sorrow with thanks I may replace…

Special thanks To Celeste blogging as http://celestealluvial.wordpress.com/ for the second award within the same forty eight hours…
The first one was Versatile Blogger that I preferred not boring you again with its details, and now Sunshine Award.

Celeste‘s tender deepness blooms in every thought she writes, and so her blog I’d advise you visit to taste uniqueness in rhythm and rhyme.

As all awards,the Sunshine Award has its rules summarized as follows:

  • Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog
  • Answer 10 questions about yourself
  • Nominate 10-12 other fabulous bloggers
  • Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated
  • Share the love and link the person who nominated you.
Now Questions & Answers

Favorite colors:                                 black and blue
Favorite animal:                                 Dolphin
Favorite number:                               One
Favorite non-alcoholic drink:           mmm….Coffee:)
Prefer Facebook or Twitter?           Both are waste of time but i pick Facebook
My passion:                                       Other than poetry; Space
Prefer getting or giving presents:  My taste’s pretty hard, I only enjoy                                                            unwrapping gifts just as kids:)
Favorite pattern:                               Blues Joining my favorite music and color
Favorite day of the week:                Saturday…first day off work:)
Favorite flower:                                Jasmine and Lotus

And now the nominees are and in no particular order:

1.  http://cenicitas.com/
2. http://donnawelchphotography.wordpress.com/
3.  http://willofheart.wordpress.com/
4.  http://jadedstone11.wordpress.com/
5.  http://ladybluerose.wordpress.com/
6. http://francisbarkerart.com/
7.  http://grandfathersky.wordpress.com/
8. http://makebelieveboutique.wordpress.com/
9.  http://subhanzein.wordpress.com/
10. http://patcegan.wordpress.com/

Enjoy the sunshine