Falling Crystals

Seconds drift like years

Knitting more fears

A shadow of mine escaped the crowd

Broke in tears a proud cloud

Uncaring for a pride falling to a creep

Darkness keeps secrets in the deep

Breathless turned an eye

Towards a marvelous sky

Was it sky’s garment over-glittering?

Or my crystals were behind that much twinkling?

Couldn’t I realize which was true?

As I couldn’t stop tears for a proper view

And how could I when you sleep cold!

You’ve promised with me to grow old

Why you’ve gone this fast?

What a spell to cast!

"The surreal "painting by Rob Gonsalves

“The surreal “painting by Rob Gonsalves

When I was around four, in love with a star I fell

Used to dream of it as well;

“Beyond that twinkling star

The Lord has hidden a jar

In which he collects spirits

Not any; just those of royal merits”

Wish that jar’s there for real

Glimpses of your wandering spirit, all night I’d steal

Weird’s life and how time rules every game!

Seems like yesterday when you spelled first my name

Today that you’ve become for whom I yearn

And tonight you’re ashes and I’m your urn…


Heart of Albums

Sadness becomes my owner

Haunt memories every corner

Bleeding as moments creep

Shallow goes every deep

Smiles; nothing but the work of stadiums

Beats no more traced away of albums

Through photos, sour life’s tasted

Nights making no love are nights wasted

"Pamela"painting by Carrie Graber

“Pamela”painting by Carrie Graber


 Everywhere I go; your scent follows my trace

No more can I go on without an embrace

I run and hide; still echoing your voice

No more can I breathe; but there’s no choice


It’s me who decided to breathe without you

And how a rose can stop breathing dew!

How a spring can stop wearing colors!

How a butterfly can stop tasting flowers!

How a swell can stop kissing shore’s hands!

How can everything keep going in time my time still stands!

Oh no…I’ll start no tear destined to last

No present; no future should meet this past

I’ll survive another heart cavity

There’ll come a doctor; I believe in gravity…


Behind Bricks

…Another trip! Oh no

Cups of tears to sip and a smile to draw

Please kiss me not before you go

I’m okay; scratch no worries on your mind

Spare me hugs with a fake beat signed

Shut that door; no girl will cry behind

The Weak you know was only weak, for you wished her so

But to be strong, you taught her when you didn’t even know

Look at her now, with you, her fears will go

"Lilac Cottage" painting by Thomas Kinkade

“Lilac Cottage” painting by Thomas Kinkade

Go… go plant your weaknesses in another

Play the hero upon stealing her warmth for your cold feather

And remember me not when she discovers the snake beneath branded leather

Pack your things along with that mini-mouse

Forget not to take the hidden behind the bricks of this house

Only then you won’t go short of lies
to feed her as you browse

Do yourself a favor and act not The Weak

Go now; I’ve a life to climb its peak

I’ve gardens to grow on a pale cheek

Go now and come back no more

Won-battles never make a won-war

You might have won it all, but you’ve long lost your core…


November’s Blossom

Seems like hundreds of years flew away

On a heart with no beat struggling to stay

November the 6th was the date

When it skipped some beats to a classmate

The whole world dwelled in his eyes

Beaming blue as our eternal skies

Forbidden dreams there were born

Fatal silence by screams worn

The World in his world I did see

Yet to notice, blind was he

Once again I wasn’t right

Left I turned when Right was right

Between friendship and love born pain

I chose friendship, but reached for vain

For I couldn’t control a lost beat

His shadow by me left no empty seat

But I chose the hardest, and it was a lone choice

I set sail, but haunts my time his voice

“Plum Blossoms” painting by Jia Lu

Fear over years grew

Tears cut but never sew

Finding no peace in my roam

Flew back again home

It was a sweet November day;

The sixth since I sailed away

The way drove me to an old road

Along, trees and breeze composed an ode

There I was on school’s gate

Once again a slave of fate

Memories stormed inside

Couldn’t find any shelter to hide

Until a tender hand woke my shoulder

I turned to see who dares making my reborn beats molder

Paralysis stroke my storm when eyes met

“I knew I’ll find you here; I do regret

Didn’t know how precious you were till you sailed the seven seas

Leaving me ticks to count and a beat hard to ease

I’ve waited you for so long

Your heart is where I belong”

I grabbed all the courage I could

To set fire on a wet wood

Drenched in tears for years

But then stole my voice cruel fears

And I found myself hiding in his bosom

November’s no more in Fall; there I was in blossom

Silenced Silence

Winds of Universe…sprinkle your mirth

Cleanse the misery in which was baptized Earth

Cleanse the doom by whom Life has been kissed!

Every Journey the Heart takes, the Right Path is missed…

In love, fell I and fell first

Never could the Beloved calm a growing thirst

Forever pumped with care that tastes queer

Especially when other beats drew a prior career…

Every time, his breath blew beside,

Profound silence grew refusing to play the seek-and-hide…

“Miranda The Tempest” painting by J.W. Waterhouse

His everything was boldly adorable,

Yet for him seemed ignorable

Ever since remembered, he was near, but absent

Said much the Beat, yet stayed silent

Years dried the most generous eyes

Supposed to be forgotten, till met again our eyes

One thing then couldn’t be denied;

A Heart packing a million beat, turned the tide

Out of sight; set sail countless years;

Sealing my streams; not those of tears

Now out of the blue dropping anchor in my bay

Innocently requesting a long-term stay

His passion-painted words made sense of nonsense

Where was it before, and is its birth now just a pretense!

Can’t lie lips destined to honesty and draw “NO”

Still whenever he sways close, through veins life after life does flow

However sentenced to death before birth; a sighing “YES”

Fails no heart; a Beat, but mine did, I confess…


a Letter, a Rose and a Ring


Through a heartless night, sailed you away

Acting deaf to the heart begging you stay

Around a year sank to the depth of hell

No news… as if you sank there as well

Till the day I woke up to a knock at my door

No one but a letter, a rose and a ring were left on the floor

No one was knocking then, but still echoes a hard knock

Is it real! is it a dream! or it’s how sounds a shock!

“Nebula” painting by Tomasz Rut

Storms of passion, missing and love in a letter hidden

Few words with blood, so warm, written

“Sorry with love, shall we go back now to the start?”

Their echo reached nowhere, but the depth of heart

Ran tears, wept beats and shivered knees

What a “Sorry” means, and what pain does it cease!

What a “Rose” means, and how many wounds can it cure!

One, five, ten! what about the rest! NO garden can cure!

And what a “Ring” means, and why shall I whisper “YES”

Can it kill the bleeding nights! can it erase all that mess!

Come back…take your things and never show up again, it’s a “goodbye”

Raising up these three has risen an unseen truth to the seventh sky

Thanks; just for this neither for the rose, nor for the ring

And keep this in mind; “Love costs nothing, yet broken; costs everything”


Precious Tears

They speak of you

I seal eyes in glue

So none sees you there

And how much I still care

I seal the eyes scared of storms about to blow;

Loosing chains I chain my tears with once they grow

For I promised once never to set any free

Scared I am of how it’ll be;

Aging on its way down

On lips waits for her death crown

“Tears falling as Rain” painting by Denton Lund

No tear will die

I’ll never give up; I’ll say no goodbye

My tears are precious

Though for you they were suspicious

You left; they stayed

Beats in between strayed

They’re all I could preserve from your memory

I know they’ll live beyond my century

You wanted me over “Black’s white” to sign

I wanted to steal for you the sunshine

I gifted you a holy flower

You pushed me from the highest tower

You planted fears over years

Watered wounds and reaped tears

I fell in you and couldn’t after stop;

Your venom in my veins till the last drop

Sacred Art

When obstacles roughen my way,

Gladly tears kill my say

Gloom steals me faith away

Far from my side, don’t you feel chill?

She won’t love you like I will

One day she’ll sail away, but here I’ll be standing still…

 Take me back to the arms I love

 Need me like you did before

Touch me the way nothing more I’d adore,

And remember there was no one you wanted more…

“Gentile” painting by Tomasz Rut

Just want to know why

Why baby you’re letting this die

Without a blink of an eye!


Take me back to the arms I love

You taught me “Fighting for love is a sacred art”

So I’ll give away the world for a start

Because I know she’d never reach your heart

Oh baby, don’t you need me like I do!

Don’t you miss my perfume over you!

Hold me one more time and breathe me like dew

 Take me back to the arms I love

Take me back to the arms I love

Le Soir de L’amour

No soothing air flows

No moon rises as well

Sadly invades the night

Nothing seems right

Perhaps angels casting spell

Perhaps Mother Nature altering its laws

It’s valentine’s;
” Le soir de l’amour “

I’m celebrating tonight

Scares me no angel of death

Nor inescapable doom

I’m hiding in my room

Hiding whiskey on my breath,

And drinking till the first morning light

“Stilletto” painting by Carrie Graber

It’s valentine’s;
” Le soir de l’amour ” 

Tonight I’ll drink for no more lies

For a start of golden-hue

I’ll dance till the beat stops

Just few more cups

I’ll drink to you

Maybe then forever you’d leave my skies

It’s valentine’s;
” Le soir de l’amour “

Tonight I’m celebrating alone

With no tasteless champagne

No poisonous rose

And Jazz playing no pause

I’m swaying with the rain

Celebrating Valentine’s on my own

Oh it’s valentine’s; 
” La journée d’amour “

And who says; ” no sun shines over a broken-hearted paramour “!!

Forgotten Scent

Pumping life left my heart

From the end I’ve to start

Even fate gets out of hand

When hopes build castles of sand

How’s a sandy castle as wind blows!

Just a sand spot under different toes

Turns a spring to an immortal fall,

So the sun can’t buy its soul

“A Whisper in Reflection” painting by Rob Hafferan

She’s my friend; sounds unfair

I saw your eyes closed upon kissing her

Please dip in honey no word

I’m already sick of the many lies I’ve heard

Your amulet no more charms

Oh go back to her arms

Go back to her; enjoy another sunset

Now her scent on your shirt, you can forget

Go back to her and fear no more coming back late

You ain’t be coming, and I ain’t be there to wait

Go back to her and say you’re free

Drink some wine and celebrate breaking up with me

Make her love, and caress her chin

Say: “You’re beautiful” when she draws a grin

Go back to her; she bought for you a new nightgown

I convinced her of red, for you hate brown

Go back to her; please tell her to call me not,

Can’t I teach her more my heart to cut…