Nude Solitude

Goodbye’s the saddest word;

Poor heart isn’t it what you’ve heard!

Maybe it’s your time to run;

Run after an everlasting sun,

And never look back;

Back’s where everything’s colored black

Where Faith turns humble

Kisses tear but never leave you tremble.

"Solitude" Painting by Framboisine Berry

“Solitude” Painting by Framboisine Berry

Means a kiss how deep you miss,

Then why so coldly hatred pays a million kiss!

Innocent lips sound mostly lies,

And nothing but lies darkens twinkling skies.

Living in such a world may drive you wrong

Weak you are yet life’s so long.

You were and still the best;

The best heart east through west;

Escape your chains, kiss fears goodbye

Draw another fate, just make a try.

Open up, let someone special in;

Life’s nothing but a game, strive to win;

Win preciousness, hold on to and drift

A lonely soul has nothing to lift.

Conquer a heart and choose another life to stand

Never claps alone a single hand…



The Queen died with no funeral

For silence’s ordered by the Black General

Obedient to his will, acted my all except an anxious breath

Couldn’t I mourn my Knight’s birth on Queen’s death

Like a blind; what I never enjoyed, I can’t worth

And how am I supposed in grief to welcome my birth!

My Knight’s born over Universe throne

Everyone bowed to the gold he shone

Kidnapped me tranquility to paradise

To wake me later a shocking surprise

"Moon Gate" Painting by Tone Aanderaa

“Moon Gate” Painting by Tone Aanderaa

To me the proud knight’s
kneeling down

Kissing me freedom
as embracing my head his crown

No more the feet
touch the ground

I’m a butterfly
jasmine abound

Ripened secrets like
maple sugar seep

Lost which to pick and to which yearns my deep

Finally chose the secret of secrets; The Rock

It was heavier than Gibraltar’s rock

That I fell back ground; ceased breath

I fell to fall again and deeper to my Knight’s death

The Queen came back to revenge my Knight

Revenging me too, for I didn’t mourn her last night;

But why? Can a slave grieve the death of the arrogant ruler of the empire?

And how? Have you ever heard; sun’s been mourned by a Vampire?

A Vampire who’s brought to life only over her cold cell

And as coldness steals warmth, she sends him back to hell


Last Supper

Fallen walls; awaited guest

Silent calls; hidden passion request

Dancing Balls under my chest


Rise… Fall… Rise again then fall

Fibers ache to answer your every call

Vivid thoughts bringing pieces to a whole

“A Glass of Merlot” painting by Victor Bauer

Come in; baptize me with your wit

Gaze in to my eyes and cross me, so I’m lit

Let’s dine fish and wine before we split


Stay more; don’t leave me alone

Have another glass; let’s share another dawn

For this; only for this I’ve taken of life a Loan

Be no angel; O’ at least not tonight

Embrace me with your arms not with your light

Allow me pull off the curtain to what you ignite


Be no angel; invite me to share a lone sin

Pour your scent over thirsty skin

Set a breath-race and let’s see who’ll win


One tender kiss painted over pink

One touch arousing silk beneath the silk

One.. Only one promise signed with vein-ink

The Artist

Pink blooms, Green dances and Blue swirls

Neither is it nature’s twinkling dress, nor ocean’s glittering pearls

Not even a Wizard’s stick leading amazed beats to rush

And what’s magic compared to a true Artist’s brush!

A Painter who paints anything from nothing and in no time

A Musician that every atom everywhere sings his rhythm and rhyme

A Writer that bring his words meaning to Philosophy and Wisdom

A Poet that immortality builds his floating kingdom

“Eternal Father” painting by Challe

His tears; the rain…
his cold sweat; the snow

His breath; a morning breeze that if anger wakes through becomes a tornado

His smile; the sun shine
and fog is his frown

Clear blue sky; his cape
and the rainbow; his crown

His blink; lightning
and through his cords dwells thunder

A magician that black magic to his
did surrender

The Prime Judge that holy books were written to his law

The King that all kings to his presence bow.

Carving him in words, most famous poets prattle

For no language ever has won such a battle

Even monks aging in his love become slaves to silence

Every time they’re asked about him, they ask for guidance.

Perhaps Art is our only way to touch his glory

He’s The Artist and perhaps Art is his Life’s story…


“Lord of Planets” Painting by Mark Green

Crossing the infinite, stopped by an old globe

Exhausted that I thoughtlessly took off my sweaty robe

Which fell down dragging away faces of shame

In front of a crystal stream calling my name

Then warm arms started caressing my whole

Sprinkling fragrant fusion of spring and Fall

Stamping tender kisses in a sacred art

Till craved satisfaction every parcel and part

Generous tides surfed my deep

Sowing love for light to reap

With each fell veils of obscurity

Unveiling new means to maturity

A whole life within few moments born

A rose with no single thorn.

And as I reached ecstasy

A soft voice whispered, “Welcome to our Galaxy

I’m Mother Nature; The Earliest School

Love is my only golden rule

That’s why I’ve welcomed you over my bed

So my first lesson won’t ever escape your head

You’ll live it once, so live in love to be among the alive

Not by breathing you survive

Dream and paint your wonderland

Homeless are only those who didn’t take Light a homeland

And if worlds disappear, you’ll still be having me

Wide land, limitless sky and deep sea

I’m not a mother; but The Mother

And I only speak in the name of Father…”


Sky Number Nine


 Flying kingdom wore no more black

As its queen from her long trip’s back

Soil under crawling snow started chanting

And woke up a dying heart to join dancing

But soon happiness cancelled its stay

Promising to show up longer another day

When a Gentle passed by asking me for few moments

Saying they’ll be more precious than Christmas ornaments

Drawing him an answer with a shy smile, he took my hand

And gently whispered, “Would you say yes if you’re asked by me forever to stand?”

“The Sun Sets Sail” Painting by Rob Gonsalves

The earlier drawn smile became so old

Faded in silence like an aging Marigold

And I was in front of two candles; to stay in light, should put off one

Love or Friendship; which has a brighter sun!

Perhaps I know nothing about the first

But friendship’s sacred and waters every thirst.

Why you’ve set my boat in the ocean of nowhere;

Rowing’s hard when you know not heading to where

You know I’d stand by you to pass any trouble,

You know whenever you’re there my smiles just double

But friendship’s got the ninth if love’s known to conquer the seventh sky

I love you, but I’d never sacrifice this bond for a try

Holy is the sun you’ve carved on your name with mine

Yet worthless sounds any sky compared to sky number nine

The Right Key

Like gentle breeze under strange spell;
you were born out of nowhere

Stepping with no excuses in to my life;
from a well locked door

Never will I ask about what you’ve drawn in me;
deep in there,

For you’ve already made Sea and Sky no more
the Only blesses to thank God for.

“Keys” painting by Vladimir Kush

A drop might be nothing, but I believe in it more than
in a sea if it’s all what we share

And you who had once the right key, should stay forever the One I spent a lifetime looking for

I know one day I’ll sail away leaving nothing but an everlasting nightmare

I know how plays pain in hearts
just as play tornadoes in a sandy shore,

But I know as well that I’ll miss you deep
when nothing remains of you but memories everywhere

And one thing consoles me; Angels fly anywhere,
so of your smell I’d be still collecting more…

Blessed Coffin

Down a prison of tears with loads of pain chained

Nothing but the darkness of fears, nothing in nothing remained

Memories bleed…wither beds of roses

No more does life proceed when dies faith in Moses

And mine’s got its final judgment: Execution

Stabbed on March was never an illusion

“Sleeping Beauty” painting by Thomas Ralph Spence

What’s harder than death is naked-living dead

Execute his beats from my depth, erase his touch from my red

Let the heart master its own beat

Let the steps master their own feet

Erase me like silliness from wisdom

Send me back a princess to my kingdom

Steal my life then, but now forbid my suicide

Come back to me Lord, sleep deep inside

So like a bride in pride, I walk to my last sleep

And in peace to immortal peace I’ll be wed, and you stay in deep

Out of your kingdom, golden castles are nothing but ashes

Blow in me then blow me like ashes

Dress me a coffin then in Devil’s grave ask me to lie

Me beneath your blessed coffin will live, and the Devil will die…

March After March

When courage shivers

Smiles cry rivers

Nothing’s quite the same

After death has come the only game

Children come soon adults

Complements turn to insults

Suns, blue skies, lack

Head of colors changes to black

Fall replaces each coming spring

For dead birds to fly and sing

Wondering about the great song,

Some whispered, ” it leads life long”…

How I wish life dressing me a cocoon

Soon to freely fly seeking the moon

“Helping Hand” painting by Juan Sepulveda

The same moon I’d lost years ago in March

Since then life has become so harsh

To live for, deserves none

After the only one has gone

Leaving a heart Sunk in old diaries

New moments imprisoned by bleeding memories

Seconds get drunk to pass

Green springs come lacking grass

Lips sentence to death each smile

Legs race life but cut no mile

Oh…how I miss over his shoulder to lean

How I miss seeing through his eyes the unseen

Every second increases missing more

Please God, fate, for one second let me ignore…


The Almighty

“Water” Painting by Jia Lu

Have your own Gods and leave me choose mine

Mine’s the gold of a sunshine

Mine’s a storm invading the infinite

Mine’s a monk meditating all night

Mine’s a cloud guarding the above

Mine’s a couple fallen in true love

Mine’s a raindrop holding life’s essence

Mine’s a beggar sharing few crumbs and being generous

Have your own Gods and leave me choose mine

Mine’s the gold of a sunshine

Mine’s a mountain facing years

Mine’s an orphan sunk in tears

Mine’s a valley after rain; wet

Mine’s a farmer sowing lands with his sweat

Mine’s a rock standing ages

Mine’s a patient still praying in late cancer stages

Oh Have your Gods and leave me choose mine

Mine’s the gold of a sunshine

Mine’s a spring in bloom

Mine’s a widow paying thanksgiving in her doom

Mine’s a tree purifying air

Mine’s a child in a wheelchair

Mine’s a plant in bud

Mine’s a soldier out of blood

Just have your Gods and leave me choose mine

Mine’s the gold of a sunshine

 Mine’s got galaxies in his name to preach

Mine’s got no book but love to reach

Mine’s is everywhere; no need to search

Mine’s lives in no mosque, in no church

Mine’s not the one you need to be a priest to cherish

Mine’s universal; not a Buddhist, Muslim, Christian or Jewish