Falling Crystals

Seconds drift like years

Knitting more fears

A shadow of mine escaped the crowd

Broke in tears a proud cloud

Uncaring for a pride falling to a creep

Darkness keeps secrets in the deep

Breathless turned an eye

Towards a marvelous sky

Was it sky’s garment over-glittering?

Or my crystals were behind that much twinkling?

Couldn’t I realize which was true?

As I couldn’t stop tears for a proper view

And how could I when you sleep cold!

You’ve promised with me to grow old

Why you’ve gone this fast?

What a spell to cast!

"The surreal "painting by Rob Gonsalves

“The surreal “painting by Rob Gonsalves

When I was around four, in love with a star I fell

Used to dream of it as well;

“Beyond that twinkling star

The Lord has hidden a jar

In which he collects spirits

Not any; just those of royal merits”

Wish that jar’s there for real

Glimpses of your wandering spirit, all night I’d steal

Weird’s life and how time rules every game!

Seems like yesterday when you spelled first my name

Today that you’ve become for whom I yearn

And tonight you’re ashes and I’m your urn…


Late Confession

Silence tonight’s ringing through my ear

Let it go, it’s something can’t I hear

Mainly the only thing I blame myself for

Hundreds he asked if he was just a friend or more

Not a single time I showed any obsession

Too late now comes my confession;

You’ve conquered the mind and the heart

The day you stepped in to my life is my life’s start

In streams of real tastes you bathed me

Organizing the world as it should be

Me, to happiness you wedded;

“Life’s no scratch paper to be shredded”

You drew and paint a world so rustic

You’ve made it ours; simple yet like magic

Every single thing there sounded merrier

For you believed that no war’s won by a sad warrior

Your Wall:'(
You built me
a castle

And you left in
a hustle

Saying no even proper goodbye

Leaving me peace
in mourning color
to dye 

I’ve walked in tears
to that room
by the end of the hall

I’ve seen what
you painted over
your wall;

Widow has become the Bride before she walks that aisle

Fate carved “The End” before she even started her Tale



The Queen died with no funeral

For silence’s ordered by the Black General

Obedient to his will, acted my all except an anxious breath

Couldn’t I mourn my Knight’s birth on Queen’s death

Like a blind; what I never enjoyed, I can’t worth

And how am I supposed in grief to welcome my birth!

My Knight’s born over Universe throne

Everyone bowed to the gold he shone

Kidnapped me tranquility to paradise

To wake me later a shocking surprise

"Moon Gate" Painting by Tone Aanderaa

“Moon Gate” Painting by Tone Aanderaa

To me the proud knight’s
kneeling down

Kissing me freedom
as embracing my head his crown

No more the feet
touch the ground

I’m a butterfly
jasmine abound

Ripened secrets like
maple sugar seep

Lost which to pick and to which yearns my deep

Finally chose the secret of secrets; The Rock

It was heavier than Gibraltar’s rock

That I fell back ground; ceased breath

I fell to fall again and deeper to my Knight’s death

The Queen came back to revenge my Knight

Revenging me too, for I didn’t mourn her last night;

But why? Can a slave grieve the death of the arrogant ruler of the empire?

And how? Have you ever heard; sun’s been mourned by a Vampire?

A Vampire who’s brought to life only over her cold cell

And as coldness steals warmth, she sends him back to hell


Ghostly Night

Ghosts in a run

Stealing safety; having fun

Conquering a tranquil town

Leaving beauty in fear to drown

Blowing blindness everywhere

Altering a dream to a nightmare

Waiting guards to sleep to kidnap the moon

Leaving a bride, on her wedding night, cry her groom

Invited couples getting mad

Ghost satisfied and glad

"Water Dancing" Painting by Rob Gonsalves

“Water Dancing” Painting by Rob Gonsalves

Has it died before birth

next morning!

Too early stars
declared mourning

Careless clouds too
did weep

Guardian Angels
were having a deadly sleep

Breaking the first rule
in closing their eyes

Leaving Cold’s Ghosts control
what’s beyond the seven skies

Ticks ticked pity, yet heart of time’s so vacant

Striving; Silver finally escaped; back impatient

Impatient to see how looks his bride

And anxious to have her by his side

But there she is with rivers of pain flooding on her lap

Shall the wedding start now after confusion has taken a nap!

“And what’s after the nap”, everyone’s to wonder!

Silence before a storm! And too soon may break silence; thunder…


Just Here Dad

If you’re wondering, I’m just here Dad

With a million problem piling over my head

Curing withering soul over that bed…

Just here Dad

Bleeding the most precious tears I’ve ever had

And fate’s celebrating victory; driving me mad…

Just here Dad

Black turns the quilt you gifted me as red

Gloom’s replacing posters over walls spread…

“Woman Warrior” Painting by Jia Lu

Just here Dad

I’m just here almost dead

Tell me what’s happiness but a legend I’ve read!

Just here Dad

Just here, for there’s no other place to gad

Just here collecting few words over my last letter to add…

Just here Dad

Trying to cut off a sixteen year old thread,

Yet still grateful even for the crumbs of bread…

I’m just here if you’re wondering; Dad

Here now and in a robe of your choice, clad

Sorry; but can’t stay any longer; wonder no more Dad…

Wrinkled Rainbow

Like never, woke up today’s sun

Proudly floating over dust of blue

From butterflies, soil’s perfume flew

Felt I the world safe, but she had to run

Run; seeking a secret hide some place

Deeper than oceans and seas,

Higher than what Human sees

Leaving behind no single trace

“Candle” painting by Vladimir Kush

Her insecurities are eating her alive

Between smiles and tears stands no border

Everybody’s leaning on her shoulder

To breathe; shall she thrive or strive?

Faith’s leaking out of hands

When, under chains, they’re obliged to sleep

Away, chains of sleepless veins, creep

Till set sail galaxies, but a weak heart, frozen, stands

Staring at the moon plucking off the preciousness of a day

Ripping along everything innocently glittering

There too stood demons of the dark, giggling

It was me not her; gone and gone midway

Eighteen billion seconds give birth to a year

Years painted my rainbow with no touch of green

Recording life’s seasons skipping that of a teen

Where generous rivers were held within each tear…

Love Language

Here’s a real story stealing breath

A story of love, madness and death

Where a cute lady meets the man of her dreams

Flows love between the two like January streams

In front of hundreds down his knees, he preferred to be

Heard the church him asking her: ” Would you marry me?”

Holy bells witnessed the “yes” in her promise

Love just doubled as she received her first kiss

“Lost & Found” painting by Charles Pilkey

Their first night, months later, brought a boy

Left him nothing his father but his own name: Roy

Like devils acted fate in taking away his Father

But mercy couldn’t escape its heart, so it kept him an angel Mother

Roy’s Mom had never seen through his childhood the sun

Working and working was everything she has done

In thanking her, Roy has his own special way

“Why don’t you die”, was all he used to pray

His wishes were to come true, but this wasn’t in her hand

So Roy found no other way but leaving his home land

He left home, and soon she left the world leaving a letter

Not even a single tear, he shed, for he felt much better

“I’m sorry Child, for I was a constant embarrassment to you…

I’m sorry, for you couldn’t be there when I truly needed you…

When you were few months old, you lost through an accident your eye

I gave you mine, and I was proud to see you seeing the world through my eye

Never did I feel sorry, for I’d given you the most precious thing I ever had

Sorry’s yours now, for you killed me thousand times and never felt bad…”

Bleeding Eyes

Everything white sailed away

Glittering smiles on innocent lips got broken

Became tears the first language ever spoken

“Escape” painting by Patrick J. Reynolds

When blind lips missed their way one black day

Dear Lord…May I weep;

Over the page you’ve torn out of my heart’s book?

Wondering why it was the perfect one you took;

Bleeding eyes refused to sleep

Neither did the moon rise nor set the sun

Neither could butterflies flutter nor birds fly

How felt a sky when guardians of heaven cry!

And what about me?…Me’s just gone

Dear Lord,You’ve stolen the taste of love

And to death wedded my only heavenly bless

Have you forgotten about me?…please don’t say yes

Don’t you have a place for me above?

Will knock my door, spring, after eleven!

How’ll spring bloom in black,

And tears have carved on a flower’s face a track!

Dear Lord send  me to Hell if this is Heaven

March After March

When courage shivers

Smiles cry rivers

Nothing’s quite the same

After death has come the only game

Children come soon adults

Complements turn to insults

Suns, blue skies, lack

Head of colors changes to black

Fall replaces each coming spring

For dead birds to fly and sing

Wondering about the great song,

Some whispered, ” it leads life long”…

How I wish life dressing me a cocoon

Soon to freely fly seeking the moon

“Helping Hand” painting by Juan Sepulveda

The same moon I’d lost years ago in March

Since then life has become so harsh

To live for, deserves none

After the only one has gone

Leaving a heart Sunk in old diaries

New moments imprisoned by bleeding memories

Seconds get drunk to pass

Green springs come lacking grass

Lips sentence to death each smile

Legs race life but cut no mile

Oh…how I miss over his shoulder to lean

How I miss seeing through his eyes the unseen

Every second increases missing more

Please God, fate, for one second let me ignore…


Grieving Oak

Painted darkness November’s sky

Few stars appear so shy

Dancing around the moon in turn

Whom by jealousy their hearts burn

And there an aging Oak bends like a ghost

Grieving over every leaf it lost

To blot the wrinkled eyes of her

Blows a delicate breeze in so much care

Trying to calm her spleen

His gentleness arouses her desire to return a teen

Then she was with a back so straight

Arms reaching the hands of fate

Cheeks stealing color from every rose

And hips dancing when spring flows

Then she invited lovers to whisper in her lap

Make love for hours and take after a short nap

“Oak” painting by Aaron Jason

Now the proud back’s broken

Ears can’t easily hear every word spoken

Blushing cheeks grow pale

No more visits me any nightingale

Arms can reach no where

Lost is the charm I used to sprinkle in the air

Now lovers pass by me and stare with disgust

Nude’s the body, and rotten’s the lust

Wish I could have stolen that magical mirror

To which I gaze yet see none of this horror