Falling Crystals

Seconds drift like years

Knitting more fears

A shadow of mine escaped the crowd

Broke in tears a proud cloud

Uncaring for a pride falling to a creep

Darkness keeps secrets in the deep

Breathless turned an eye

Towards a marvelous sky

Was it sky’s garment over-glittering?

Or my crystals were behind that much twinkling?

Couldn’t I realize which was true?

As I couldn’t stop tears for a proper view

And how could I when you sleep cold!

You’ve promised with me to grow old

Why you’ve gone this fast?

What a spell to cast!

"The surreal "painting by Rob Gonsalves

“The surreal “painting by Rob Gonsalves

When I was around four, in love with a star I fell

Used to dream of it as well;

“Beyond that twinkling star

The Lord has hidden a jar

In which he collects spirits

Not any; just those of royal merits”

Wish that jar’s there for real

Glimpses of your wandering spirit, all night I’d steal

Weird’s life and how time rules every game!

Seems like yesterday when you spelled first my name

Today that you’ve become for whom I yearn

And tonight you’re ashes and I’m your urn…


Heart of Albums

Sadness becomes my owner

Haunt memories every corner

Bleeding as moments creep

Shallow goes every deep

Smiles; nothing but the work of stadiums

Beats no more traced away of albums

Through photos, sour life’s tasted

Nights making no love are nights wasted

"Pamela"painting by Carrie Graber

“Pamela”painting by Carrie Graber


 Everywhere I go; your scent follows my trace

No more can I go on without an embrace

I run and hide; still echoing your voice

No more can I breathe; but there’s no choice


It’s me who decided to breathe without you

And how a rose can stop breathing dew!

How a spring can stop wearing colors!

How a butterfly can stop tasting flowers!

How a swell can stop kissing shore’s hands!

How can everything keep going in time my time still stands!

Oh no…I’ll start no tear destined to last

No present; no future should meet this past

I’ll survive another heart cavity

There’ll come a doctor; I believe in gravity…


Thirsty Soul

Snow peaks witnessed sunshine

Everybody felt unusually fine

Smiling birds there flew

Under a sky finally painted blue

Is it summer or just a passing day

For our sun, a winter tax, to pay

Or it’s simply Valentine!!!

Young hearts in front of shops stood in line

Spending a tiring day searching a present

Special enough for pumping hearts to be pleasant

"To Our Time Together" painting by Vladimir Kush

“To Our Time Together” painting by Vladimir Kush

Hours slipped away, and came the wanted night

For chests, arms and lips to fight

Fragrant candles every where

Hid romance here and there

Our world’s sinking in red

Hot kisses wake the resting bed

Where thirsty souls make love

Blessed from angels watching from above

But here stands a soul under a clear sky

Alone with a million star, ready to fly

Fly to whom at most she cares

His absence has made life nothing but continuous nightmares

But him, the heart, longs for none

What’s a Valentine after he’s gone!!!


Late Confession

Silence tonight’s ringing through my ear

Let it go, it’s something can’t I hear

Mainly the only thing I blame myself for

Hundreds he asked if he was just a friend or more

Not a single time I showed any obsession

Too late now comes my confession;

You’ve conquered the mind and the heart

The day you stepped in to my life is my life’s start

In streams of real tastes you bathed me

Organizing the world as it should be

Me, to happiness you wedded;

“Life’s no scratch paper to be shredded”

You drew and paint a world so rustic

You’ve made it ours; simple yet like magic

Every single thing there sounded merrier

For you believed that no war’s won by a sad warrior

Your Wall:'(
You built me
a castle

And you left in
a hustle

Saying no even proper goodbye

Leaving me peace
in mourning color
to dye 

I’ve walked in tears
to that room
by the end of the hall

I’ve seen what
you painted over
your wall;

Widow has become the Bride before she walks that aisle

Fate carved “The End” before she even started her Tale


November’s Blossom

Seems like hundreds of years flew away

On a heart with no beat struggling to stay

November the 6th was the date

When it skipped some beats to a classmate

The whole world dwelled in his eyes

Beaming blue as our eternal skies

Forbidden dreams there were born

Fatal silence by screams worn

The World in his world I did see

Yet to notice, blind was he

Once again I wasn’t right

Left I turned when Right was right

Between friendship and love born pain

I chose friendship, but reached for vain

For I couldn’t control a lost beat

His shadow by me left no empty seat

But I chose the hardest, and it was a lone choice

I set sail, but haunts my time his voice

“Plum Blossoms” painting by Jia Lu

Fear over years grew

Tears cut but never sew

Finding no peace in my roam

Flew back again home

It was a sweet November day;

The sixth since I sailed away

The way drove me to an old road

Along, trees and breeze composed an ode

There I was on school’s gate

Once again a slave of fate

Memories stormed inside

Couldn’t find any shelter to hide

Until a tender hand woke my shoulder

I turned to see who dares making my reborn beats molder

Paralysis stroke my storm when eyes met

“I knew I’ll find you here; I do regret

Didn’t know how precious you were till you sailed the seven seas

Leaving me ticks to count and a beat hard to ease

I’ve waited you for so long

Your heart is where I belong”

I grabbed all the courage I could

To set fire on a wet wood

Drenched in tears for years

But then stole my voice cruel fears

And I found myself hiding in his bosom

November’s no more in Fall; there I was in blossom

Just Here Dad

If you’re wondering, I’m just here Dad

With a million problem piling over my head

Curing withering soul over that bed…

Just here Dad

Bleeding the most precious tears I’ve ever had

And fate’s celebrating victory; driving me mad…

Just here Dad

Black turns the quilt you gifted me as red

Gloom’s replacing posters over walls spread…

“Woman Warrior” Painting by Jia Lu

Just here Dad

I’m just here almost dead

Tell me what’s happiness but a legend I’ve read!

Just here Dad

Just here, for there’s no other place to gad

Just here collecting few words over my last letter to add…

Just here Dad

Trying to cut off a sixteen year old thread,

Yet still grateful even for the crumbs of bread…

I’m just here if you’re wondering; Dad

Here now and in a robe of your choice, clad

Sorry; but can’t stay any longer; wonder no more Dad…

Wrinkled Rainbow

Like never, woke up today’s sun

Proudly floating over dust of blue

From butterflies, soil’s perfume flew

Felt I the world safe, but she had to run

Run; seeking a secret hide some place

Deeper than oceans and seas,

Higher than what Human sees

Leaving behind no single trace

“Candle” painting by Vladimir Kush

Her insecurities are eating her alive

Between smiles and tears stands no border

Everybody’s leaning on her shoulder

To breathe; shall she thrive or strive?

Faith’s leaking out of hands

When, under chains, they’re obliged to sleep

Away, chains of sleepless veins, creep

Till set sail galaxies, but a weak heart, frozen, stands

Staring at the moon plucking off the preciousness of a day

Ripping along everything innocently glittering

There too stood demons of the dark, giggling

It was me not her; gone and gone midway

Eighteen billion seconds give birth to a year

Years painted my rainbow with no touch of green

Recording life’s seasons skipping that of a teen

Where generous rivers were held within each tear…

Silenced Silence

Winds of Universe…sprinkle your mirth

Cleanse the misery in which was baptized Earth

Cleanse the doom by whom Life has been kissed!

Every Journey the Heart takes, the Right Path is missed…

In love, fell I and fell first

Never could the Beloved calm a growing thirst

Forever pumped with care that tastes queer

Especially when other beats drew a prior career…

Every time, his breath blew beside,

Profound silence grew refusing to play the seek-and-hide…

“Miranda The Tempest” painting by J.W. Waterhouse

His everything was boldly adorable,

Yet for him seemed ignorable

Ever since remembered, he was near, but absent

Said much the Beat, yet stayed silent

Years dried the most generous eyes

Supposed to be forgotten, till met again our eyes

One thing then couldn’t be denied;

A Heart packing a million beat, turned the tide

Out of sight; set sail countless years;

Sealing my streams; not those of tears

Now out of the blue dropping anchor in my bay

Innocently requesting a long-term stay

His passion-painted words made sense of nonsense

Where was it before, and is its birth now just a pretense!

Can’t lie lips destined to honesty and draw “NO”

Still whenever he sways close, through veins life after life does flow

However sentenced to death before birth; a sighing “YES”

Fails no heart; a Beat, but mine did, I confess…


Orphaned Heart

Fuse days with nights

When, on life, gloom lights

Obstacles roughen every way

Stealing happiness from each coming day

An orphaned heart comes ruined

When depression blows as crazy as a wind

“Hope” painting by George federick watts

Heavily down, rains fall

From an eye of a tortured soul

Some says: ” a tear may cure pain”…

How about a river! it reaches nowhere but vain…

How I wish going back; an infant

Drawing some smile, so brilliant

Where peace with each rising sun invites my soul to fly

Fly through a marvelous blue sky

Learning generosity from a crystal stream
and an evergreen hill

For a sacred mission; baskets of love to fill

Dear Lord…if time goes back

Back to clean away everything black

I would choose staying a child

Only then; never life can be wild…


Love Language

Here’s a real story stealing breath

A story of love, madness and death

Where a cute lady meets the man of her dreams

Flows love between the two like January streams

In front of hundreds down his knees, he preferred to be

Heard the church him asking her: ” Would you marry me?”

Holy bells witnessed the “yes” in her promise

Love just doubled as she received her first kiss

“Lost & Found” painting by Charles Pilkey

Their first night, months later, brought a boy

Left him nothing his father but his own name: Roy

Like devils acted fate in taking away his Father

But mercy couldn’t escape its heart, so it kept him an angel Mother

Roy’s Mom had never seen through his childhood the sun

Working and working was everything she has done

In thanking her, Roy has his own special way

“Why don’t you die”, was all he used to pray

His wishes were to come true, but this wasn’t in her hand

So Roy found no other way but leaving his home land

He left home, and soon she left the world leaving a letter

Not even a single tear, he shed, for he felt much better

“I’m sorry Child, for I was a constant embarrassment to you…

I’m sorry, for you couldn’t be there when I truly needed you…

When you were few months old, you lost through an accident your eye

I gave you mine, and I was proud to see you seeing the world through my eye

Never did I feel sorry, for I’d given you the most precious thing I ever had

Sorry’s yours now, for you killed me thousand times and never felt bad…”