Once upon a Passion


Touch me with a passion only read in fairy tales

Leave my heartbeat over my body to draw trails

Seal my breath with tender lips over parcels and parts setting sails

Touch me with a passion only heard in Love songs

Wipe away the thin thread between rights and wrongs

Lead my soul to where it ever belongs

Touch me with a passion only hidden in perfume bottles

Book me a room down your lap; I’m sick of cold hotels

Tailor me a religion away of old gospels

27. Rut, Tomasz - Ecstasy

“Ecstasy” Painting by Tomasz Rut


Touch me with a passion only matured in wine jars

Take my hand and let’s dance beneath stars

Lock me down your heart so I can taste freedom behind bars

Touch me with a passion only sealed in longing-prayers

Play my beat like pro-guitar players

Hush my thoughts for a while like do, to crowds, powerful mayors

Touch me with a passion best played between an orphaned swell and a deserted shore

Touch me with that same passion just once more

Touch me to lose sense of time…then touch me no more.



Lusty Candles

The ocean touches grace

When sun kisses its face

Then dives in deep

Leaving nature to weep

Passionate gets the dusk breeze

Robins seek a hide in deserted trees

Sky puts on its black gown

Few Diamonds shimmer its crown

Darkness embraces with fears

Till the glittering moon appears

Over faces smiles return

In bedrooms lusty candles burn

For lovers to sprinkle charms

Lashes ravel mysteries for arms

Lips invite moisture to lounge

And greedy ones all passion scrounge

On beds of roses, emotions wallow

Even ache there tastes mellow…

“Vita Memorae” Painting by Vladimir Kush

That’s only one show, and summer’s crowded of similar nights

Where nothing stops the beat even red lights

Summer’s beauty certainly brushed with magic

Wish it never fades away in a nature’s show; so tragic

Soon snow will crawl through the dark like a thief

Stealing life from every hanging leaf

And acting like a wild whore;

Knocking down the safety behind every door

Soon thunder will trigger violence

Killing with no mercy romantic silence…

Three months a summer and nine spent in remorse

Yet no complaint may change nature’s changing course…

Last Letter to Last

Tick-Tuck Tick-Tuck; unusually slow

Perhaps tiny arms frozen under snow

Perhaps they’re renovating their ancient art

There in the heart of forest, lives a heart

Daggers of time left him lone with scars

And no more “The Countless” are only stars

Death angel early tonight has knocked his door

Saying soon his ship will leave the shore

The Angel left leaving a glimpse of light

Stealing darkness from the whole night

Few hours are left for peace to blast

Few yet enough to write a last letter to last

“Always Together” Painting by Vladimir Kush

“I’m leaving; leaving precious parts behind

The eyes I give to the blind

To those forbidden nature songs to hear,

I give a sound ear

To those of cold legs, I give warm feet

The hands to hard workers I was honored to meet

The memory to those suffering Alzheimer’s

Liver, kidneys and spine to cancer risers

The heart…excuse me; the precious can’t I give

I’ll just die with the scars as I live

Now burn the flesh; burn the trigger of lust

So from stars I’m born, and shall return to dust…

Nameless Charm



“” Couldn’t a rose survive with no thorn!

Beats would never, in love, wake any morn“”

Lips kept this tone ever since, there, words were born

Thought the tone will see no change,

Till the day I felt a tinkle quite strange;

“Giovinezza” Painting by Thomasz Rutt

Crawled my blood like a winter river

In the absence of cold, words did shiver.

It wasn’t the head, chest or liver


Sick, I’ve become of the heart,

And all was nothing but a start

Day after day, pale turned the face

Doctors for sickness found no trace

Yet one whispered, you need a healing embrace.

Well. Guess I do… I badly need a hold;

Got bored of summers so cold

Can’t I hold the beat since we’ve met;

Through his eyes, hid the charm of a sunset…

I’m gone crazy, I bet.

His silent lips grabbed an ocean of words

He was the hunter, and I; the only shot among birds

Neither the hands shook nor did the lips talk,

Yet sat out the eyes for a long walk

Where nothing but the souls spoke and spoke.

Nothing’s since then quite the same

Oh…Wish I could have asked about his NAME…

Fragile Caresses

Wakes up earth, sun’s laughter

Again beauty defeats the beast

Robbed my sanity spirits of the Far East

There even dust is precious to run after.

Crossing the seven seas

In holy Lotus to bathe

Deep cuts to swathe

And breathe, the Eastern breeze

“Morning Blossom” Painting by Vladimir Kush

Great Mekong, I visited first

Raising my fallen heaven

From ethereality, I let loose lungs to raven

Healing an aging thirst…

Two canaries were in a chase

Slowing down, seeking a landscape

Safe enough, so curious eye they could escape

Soon picked a berry hidden space

As they landed their tired wing,

They caressed, kissed and embraced

Uncaring any more of being traced

They’re free, and that’s the way they sing…

One…two… and three peaks

Exhausted their heart beat

But couldn’t cease missing till they meet

Once again thirsty for love ached their beaks

With each kiss, blushes my bloom;

Fragile they are caring for no laws

Chaining what’s between knees and nose

O’ how perfect is life with no taboos of Human doom!


If you’re pondering over why did I go,

One true thing you should know

I’ve never left you behind

You settled long ago in mind

But your hug couldn’t I resist

That tenderness told me that I exist

“Solitary Thoughts” painting by Jia Lu

And I was scared to fall in your arm

I know, there, nothing dares to harm

I was on fire yet hands did shiver

When you hold, my veins freeze like a winter river

And ice ages covering my heart melt

No word can describe how I felt;

You whispered for the first time, “I love you”,

And I felt sacred; bathing in holy dew

Pinch me, so I know it’s no dream

Hold my confusion in esteem

Say it again, it’s like sunshine

Shower me, and I’ll be no more only addict to wine

Oh say it again, so I forget I’m a daughter of a Monk

Hold me firm; your love won over wine and left me drunk

Warrior of Light

Down the market aisles

Early I saw her wandering like snails

Never knew what stopped me by

Losing control to swallow an insisting “Hi”

You’re beauty’s Latin;

My ideal comes from there

Since ten in his love I’m fallen;

He signs P.C. over words so fair…

Please tell me you’re coming from his land

I need to send a kiss to his magical hand;

The same hand he’s written with “Eleven Minutes”

Thirsty I am like ever to drink his spirits…

Her greetings said she’s lost

“P.C.! That’s so weird on my side;

I’m afraid you’re ideal is a ghost,

Or in knowing my land’s treasure I lost pride” 


Oh don’t tell me it rings no bell

His words break an unbreakable spell…

Paulo Coelho is his name;

A story of immortal fame

“Oh I see; you’re under his magic;

Well I’m from there,

And I’ll tell you a truth so tragic:

People in my world, his success, don’t share” 

…Oh I pity those thinking they’re flying, when they only creep

I pity those forbidden to reach his deep

By his “Piedra” I sat and wept for a long time

I knocked hell with “Miss Prym”

And If I’m asked a wish over my deathbed

Certainly I’d choose one day of true delight

So I can die and live proud among the dead;

Having spent my last hours with a “Warrior of Light”

Mama Cries

From the heart of flowers, had spring seen light

Just the moment I was granted my first sight;

After living for nine months deep in a sea

Where blindness was all I could see.

Her running beats played my only rhyme 

That I had to hear days long to pass the snoring time.

Like a ball squeezed with no mercy, I had to act

Praying yet unable to reach any God was then a fact;

Mom’s Sacred Love

Praying to Drift gently and soon spread wings out

At least to witness how would sound my very first shout                                     

Decades slowly, slowly slipped away

Finally arrived the wanted day

Yes!! It’s my time to be born; the Doctor said.

Mammy’s torn in pain; over the white sheets bled & bled.

Her endless cries drove me pretty scared,

But never mind, selfishly I sighed, soon I’ll be as free as a bird

Moments for me, yet centuries for her they were

Till bloomed the tiniest flower under January’s prime care

Oh I still remember how it was so cold

Till Mama paid a tender hold;

Glittering she was in pink

And all I needed was; in her Lap to sink

For her torn womb, simply, can’t I sew

Yet I may sip her warmth like does a butterfly to dawn-dew.

Now after centuries I see I’d sinned; wishing to leave her safe womb

…Life is vanity; spent in an extremely huge tomb…


Orphaned Heart

Fuse days with nights

When, on life, gloom lights

Obstacles roughen every way

Stealing happiness from each coming day

An orphaned heart comes ruined

When depression blows as crazy as a wind

“Hope” painting by George federick watts

Heavily down, rains fall

From an eye of a tortured soul

Some says: ” a tear may cure pain”…

How about a river! it reaches nowhere but vain…

How I wish going back; an infant

Drawing some smile, so brilliant

Where peace with each rising sun invites my soul to fly

Fly through a marvelous blue sky

Learning generosity from a crystal stream
and an evergreen hill

For a sacred mission; baskets of love to fill

Dear Lord…if time goes back

Back to clean away everything black

I would choose staying a child

Only then; never life can be wild…



Hands or eyes shook first!

Can’t I recall, but looks never watered any thirst

Lips tasted silence, but not the eyes

All what I knew, wasn’t a surprise

His everything since birth I did adore

He’s the knight dream I kept looking for

“Insieme” painting by Tomasz Rut

A million time I wished sinking in his dark sea

And more than a million between his lips I wished to be

Every time my dream reaches his hold

Sadly wakes up the soul, but never was cold

Never did I think of a lovely Day

When fate, a treasure, furnishes my way

Till some day the dream was no more a dream

Wake me up…just Scream…

what’s going on? Is it true?

I don’t care…I’m with you

And I’ve been waiting for so many years

I’ve been bleeding lots of tears

Hold me tight…hold me now and never let go

Leave your lips play from head to toe

Don’t say a word…don’t ever scream…

Leave me dreaming till forever comes if it’s just a dream…