The Right Key

Like gentle breeze under strange spell;
you were born out of nowhere

Stepping with no excuses in to my life;
from a well locked door

Never will I ask about what you’ve drawn in me;
deep in there,

For you’ve already made Sea and Sky no more
the Only blesses to thank God for.

“Keys” painting by Vladimir Kush

A drop might be nothing, but I believe in it more than
in a sea if it’s all what we share

And you who had once the right key, should stay forever the One I spent a lifetime looking for

I know one day I’ll sail away leaving nothing but an everlasting nightmare

I know how plays pain in hearts
just as play tornadoes in a sandy shore,

But I know as well that I’ll miss you deep
when nothing remains of you but memories everywhere

And one thing consoles me; Angels fly anywhere,
so of your smell I’d be still collecting more…

38 thoughts on “The Right Key

  1. Last few lines do capture my heart. A different voice after a month of waiting. You will leave an everlasting nightmare, that I do know. For how many life are connected, you only know.
    Touching. Faithful voice. Mystical resonance. Beautiful Mira.

  2. Your poetry gives me hope that beauty still exists in the world. I love this because I’ve been there and back and I only wonder how you remain prolific while keeping your poetic integrity. You are a special woman. My warm Aloha

    • O’ lane, I’m double glad: you’ve been touched & you’re back, been missed dear, hope no wrong was behind your disappearance this long..
      Be blessed

  3. Oh….this played on the strings of my heart with such impassioned notes….I felt bliss, love, sadness, longing, designation, faith and resolve…..what a symphony to leave me with this morning…..I thank you…..

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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