Counted Ticks

Fallen from her original tone she said, “10 days late”

My grounds rose till skies whispered, “240 more you’ve to wait”

Bringing together fibers from joy gone apart

The special date was carved on the calendar of my heart

Feed the chimney; dust off the cold

Paint the room in ivory and gold

Plant jasmine and sprinkle life’s essence

Sing psalms and burn incense

Invite the sun, stars and the moon

An Angel will arrived home too soon

My Princess


Deep in my heart born a symphony of time

Composing a welcome-note in love rhyme

Tick-tuck… woke up dawn waking pain in her deep

With each contraction, my beats did leap

One.. Two.. Three.. and the fourth accompanied with a cry

Showing up with the first ray saluting sky

The ray destined to erase chill

O’… her name shall be Rachel

August’s most beautiful rose

Look at those tiniest toes!

Shall I count! O’ no; I’ll count no more

You’re between my arms now; the only one I’ll ever adore

52 thoughts on “Counted Ticks

  1. Mira – Having been there twice (from conception to birth 😉 I have to say you have written the woman’s heart so lovingly and true, (and just to add the fathers heart too …)
    Love and Light always

  2. …and this, dear Mira, is the most beautiful part of you ~ this verse ~ this extension of your love, your breath, your song. Absolutely exquisite. She is indeed an angel with baby toes! ~ Love to you both my dear friend. ~ Bobbie

  3. Absolutely beautiful work of art…what could follow this? I feel honoured simply to have read it. Years, and years from now your daughter will admire, adore these words and her mother who wrote them.
    Have a wonderful long motherhood.

    •’s all I wish; she grows to find herself not only in my life, heart & mind but also in the memory of time. Ah & she’s my niece; I’m still one piece:)
      Thanks for the wishes; I’ll pass it to thr right person
      Love & Light

    • Thanks dear… the moment my eyes fell on her, I’ve realised I could have waited a lifetime for her blessing not only 250days..

      Peaceful times

  4. This is so cute and tender….just the way babies are. I love babies…..i think they are the most beautiful creatures on earth. 🙂
    I could look at their doll-like faces and play with their tiny toes for hours. I love this poem dear Mira!

  5. I find myself blessed by the words of my dear angel upon her return to sharing her treasured gold! I have missed your poems and you have not lost your touch for this edition is beauty personified. The new heart throb is very lovely and will sweep many hearts away. I am very happy for your blessing, and for you allowing us to share in your joy! Sweet blessings to you Mira, my dear sister! May God’s loving grace always sustain you both!

    • Powers of Universe!!.. Wendell that’s so sweet of you; thanks for the spring breeze you blow my way; I’m the one blessed by your light & love…thanks again my dear; always pleasure to hear from you..

      Love & Light

  6. This is simply love. A beautiful moment you embraced, that would lift you over and again in life hours. Be in this spirit of love, Mira. This symphony radiates love everywhere.

  7. I can feel with every sense as you write … a beautiful reminder to me of mine own in words and expressions i can only dream of creating 🙂 simply wonderful 🙂 … Enjoy your niece always 🙂 bright blessings 🙂

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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