Gratitude Garland

Don’t know if you’ve heard of this before but a dear has knocked my day with such a garland; the very fragrant of his arrangement was gratitude…

“”The yearly Līgo celebration happens every summer solstice in Latvia.
At this time we adorn our heads with Līgos of flowers, oak leaves, grasses & 
We join circles around bonfires and celebrate life & our appreciation of each other.”

Here’s how it works:

  • Complete this sentence about blogging: ”A great blog is…”
  • Refer back to the blogger who invited you
  • Invite 2 bloggers to join the Līgo Circle of Appreciation on a post

To get to know the Ligo Circle of Appreciation among fellow bloggers,
please check: “”

First allow me pay special thanks to the very person in blog-world
who rises fallen skies with his ever-glowing light;
Wendell on;
Thanks dear not only for crowning me with those flowers of appreciation, but for your blessings because as Alan Cohen said:
“Appreciation is the highest form of prayer, for it acknowledges the presence of good wherever you shine the light of your thankful thoughts.” 

Moving to <what a great blog is>, I’ll breathe it in brief:

It’s a four-season-zone 
Spring-Thoughts bloom, Summer-Light twinkle,
Fall-Wisdom loom and Winter-Melodies jingle…

Reaching the nomination part; I’m supposed to encircle only two bloggers though those I appreciate can’t be counted in a One-digit-number.

Pawan blogging as;
His thoughts are like wine, the more you drink the more you’ll wish for more…
Alex on;
He weaves stories that ask for no guitar along as they play the strings of every heart they reach…

O’ and as usual I don’t like bothering you with many posts of this kind, so allow me pay thanks to two more bloggers for awarding me the One Lovely Blog Award:

Thanks to Gentle Will. on;
A man of talents & you’ve to hold your beat to his Haiku..
& to Sweet Sur. on;
A woman of wide heart, broken yet purer than snow..

I won’t bore you with the rules or any of that; but I’d like to gift this award to:

Finally my love to all: the mentioned & unmentioned …

28 thoughts on “Gratitude Garland

  1. My heart and spirit flutter at the voice of your words…for they know well the heart from which they originate, as it always fills it’s world with an exquisite radiance…thank you my sister, you are always so appreciated! Sweet blessings to you, and thanks for the award!

  2. Wonderfully deserved the award as well as the appreciation.your words twinkle like stars in a beautiful form even when you just say a wordof appreciation. Thanks for nominating me dear! but as I already own the award! Iam more than thankful to you… lots of love,Soumya

  3. What a beautiful post, Mira! You definitely do have that beat within you that echoes through your words letting the music be born in our minds. Each time so different, yet so fascinating.
    Welcome to the cirle and thank you so much for the wonderful gift.

    • mmm; another garland of honor!
      Thanks for embracing me with your fragrant thoughts…
      it’s honor being encircled with the all the talented there&you’re most welcome; I do enjoy your blog; wish I’ve noticed it before, but it’s never too late to meet a talent…

      Love & Light

  4. Only you could turn a thank you note into a fascinating read Mira, then a small shock at seeing my name there! Your four seasons were infused with the sounds, aromas and sights that one so looks forward to when one sees your words. Thank you, is the greeting and departing note I am always so happy saying to you.

    • Then my year will hold 365days of thanksgiving when everyone’s hold just one…
      Thanks for the blooming garden you’ve knocked my space holding..

      Love & Light to a charming Gardener:)

  5. Congratulations for your award.
    Thank you for this, Mira. Your appreciation is letting me breathe love.
    You are such a beautiful soul. Blessings and love.
    Keep writing magical verses, and I will come by to pour my heart out. 🙂

  6. I could draw on a well of thousands of words, but only three come to mind! I love you……. Thank you for your light, for your peace, and for the essence that is uniquely and beautifully you! ~ Love, Bobbie

    • Thanks for the link….. within the bee-schedule I’m having these days, I doubt I can make it, but I’ll try my best as letting down sweet people like you would be a shame:)
      Much love

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought & the thought has found its words"; I know mine's make no sun shines, but....YOU can tell better!

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